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Saw guy bird and bird. And I was that guy. I saw. Say. Saw guys scooter, but then get run over by. My son girl, Yukon yourself, and then use sunscreen. About last night. Way out subs. We choose we wars. Thanks for coming out guys to be here. Thank you so much. We've got dwarves multiple multiple. I thought if we pour water on you, you double. You know, what I could probably say that. And we know it's completely true. We haven't gotten human cloning it, but we can make more midgets. They all dwarves hanging out with Snow White turns out, it was just a leaky pipe, by the way. Didn't you? See I saw you post a picture of yet with a girl dressed as Snow White. Yes. Last night. It was literally about last night. I into the cast. I can't talk. Okay. Too much drinking. No, I was walking down. I was walking down sixty. And there was a group of girls all dressed as different Disney princesses because they wanted to cover every fetish. The bachelor party. I must have been there's only that's the only way that girls do something like that. All crazy as a group right guys will never do that. What someone's objecting we've already offended someone teases five minutes. Early. Can you offend people? Nice. On. And you haven't mentioned her you. Cock. Divers? Yeah. You never see a group of dudes dress up for the themes like guys Troy, Kevin Matt Steve Ron and Bill, dude. We're just in the fuck and Power Rangers and getting booked up. Yeah. And I walked by and there, and there was a, and there is a woman dress. It's no white. And here's the thing you get excited. When you see that right, obviously family. I very excited when I see someone dress Snow White because people think this bit this is not a bit. I have vanity. I would like to fuck. No white that. That's not. You're not alone. Yes. You like me to do. Yeah. Faucet. What we're talking Talking about? about. It'd be all you're doing that joke. No, no because you hung out with seven dwarves who like protected or better gave her a bed. Fasten two beds together to make a full bed for her because he's tall bitch living Bach dwarf house and they adjust their lives, and then she friend zone of. You're telling me you can't give happy a handy. That's a t-shirt waiting to happen. Give happy handy. Twenty twenty. So I've always want as it was. No. But but but my wife is Chinese. So I can only move on. That's the gentlemen. Welcome to the first racist joke in the night. But so I walk up, and I'm like, hey, there's no why I'm at war. And she looked at me like. Fuck you bitch. You dressed up. Snow white. You know, the consequences. If you see a door, you got to take a picture with them. Okay. That's who go tresses up as Snow White. And then gets like surprised like dwarf. Why me don't you wanna go with Elsa? No fucking snowman. Well, no with that attitude. Yeah. It's true. This is we're never though surprise like what you see here. This truly is probably the only city that gets away with literally any sort like at the airport. I thought I'd seen everything at the airport. But in the bathroom, the, you know, if you guys have seen this over the next me, and there was a little piece of poop in the urinal at the one next me, and so many questions that response have you laugh the other half was like dude sometimes that happens here now. So it's about time you start adjusting in my eyes to things went down. When I saw that. I'm like either one guy rushed in panic stalls were full took matters into his own hands. Or we've got a new type of fell out there. We don't have all the info on that. We'd like, sir. And and he's he's pooping out of his penis. And if that's the case we need to global warming on the back burner and all of that and these penis poopers well happen. Well, I mean, I think I think that it was a kid who is just like dad, I gotta shit. And no, it wasn't a debt. It was a mop. 'cause.

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