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I don't understand what's going on here but this doesn't help and stats one of my theories with this and really my first reaction was because this also happened this came out on a day when the ravens gm ozzie newsome in head coach john harbaugh were being questioned in the colin kaepernick collusion grievance bob mcnair already been questioned and i have a feeling that when he was sitting across the table from cabinets lawyer mcnair was put into some tough situations when he heard his own words come back to him this idea that he did apologize this notion that he really wasn't talking about the players he was talking about members of the league office i guarantee you he was asked extensive questions about that when he was questioned under oath and he probably was left regretting that he ever apologized because the apology made it so much less plausible when he tried to say i'm not talking about the players why would you apologize to the players if you weren't talking about the players it just doesn't make sense and none of this makes sense from the standpoint of what the nfl is trying to do which is get past these issues the league office can't be happy with bob mcnair right now what kind of conversations may have happened yesterday after this came out you think roger goodell called bob mcnair and tried to come up with a tactful way to say bob how do i put this what are you doing what are you saying why are you doing this it doesn't help anything it doesn't help the broader effort to promote the shield promote the sport gets fans onboard keep fans on board and that's across the board i mean we try to be respectful of the people who own the teams who are the league and you know you can call the nfl refer to it as the league office but it's thirty two teams and there are thirty two billion billionaires out there who owned these teams except for the packers who were publicly held but you've got people who are rich and powerful influential but there's also without a responsibility not say completely ridiculous things and some of these folks have to be protected from themselves and i.

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