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Jim Colony has sports, no hands drafted five yesterday, three Forwards and the first two picks Rigo lease After Jim Jim Rougher traded, Matt married Ottawa for a second rounder and 20 year old forward Jonathan Gruden. Jim Jim Rockford said he couldn't afford to keep Murray with sends the only team really offering anything. Rutherford said. It was hard on Murray to be the starter and he wanted more love. I think there's a little bit to the fact that maybe Matt didn't get the credit that Ah That he deserved her thought he was going to get for for being a big part of winning the cup. We don't know what's up with the Titans to more positives. After reported a legal work out, they still aren't open. Steelers. Zach Banner started his show with PM team yesterday. I just don't think that's fair. You know, for us to be punished, especially with our bye week, and that's why Ben said what he said earlier about getting the short end of the stick. And then Ju ju just you know what he said. And I feel the same way Juju termed it and uncalled for. By Derek Watt and Marcus Allen. Unable to practice, pirates used extra international slot money to sign 19 year old Taiwanese pitcher Po You Chen for 1.25 million. Cody Ballenger, Rob Fernando Totti's Hava Go ahead, home run is the Dodgers won 65 take it to a lead on San Diego raised beat the Yankees, 84, Oakland and Atlanta one. Head at Boston College Saturday. Eagles quarterback Phil Djokovic is a pine Richland Grand. Boston is a very cool city because of how many Good sports teams, and they try to say it's the city champions. But it's not really destiny. Champions. Pittsburgh always will be from the Pittsburgh Senior benefits Advisor. Sports Desk. Jeff Hathorn is radio 10 20. Katy K. Sports Online on video and on your radio. It's the Katy K Radio Morning show Larry Richard and Kevin Battle. Whitman Walker brings health education to you on your screens follow at women, Walker on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter for educational workshops on HIV and SD. I testing and treatment. Learn about the health needs of young people, LGBT people and black and Latin ex communities from people in your community. Whitman Walker's social media influencers can educate you on achieving a healthier you just follow at Whitman Walker. Are you looking to grow your career, Tamayo's is seeking cleared professionals for a variety of positions to join their team. They're looking to fill jobs at all levels in the DC metro area. Ginny Tamayo's is a nationally recognized top 10 2021, military friendly gold Employer and Washington Post 2020 top workplace..

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