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Seen them perform live Then they broke up and then they took a sabbatical. They came back started. Touring again still. Didn't get to go see them And a year and a half two years ago they announced they were going to do a hotel california tour and linden i said. Hey let's get tickets and we did and the show ended up getting because of all the Pandemic and the tickets that have been sitting there in my ticketmaster q. Finally came on tuesday. September twenty first at american airlines center in dallas texas. So i'm going to talk about the show a little bit. So if you don't care about the live show. You don't care about the eagles Thank you for downloading this one. You can skip it and move on to the next one. The premise is that they were going to do hotel hotel california in its entirety. And we we got there and plenty of time because american airlines had said that they would require proof vaccination or a negative cova test for admittance into the venue So i had both linden. I shot records As we were walking into the building. I there was somebody asking and when i reached for him he weighed me in so i think if someone had just had a piece of paper in their wallet. They would waived him. But oh what am i gonna you know i. I'm doing the right thing. mask were encouraged. It's everywhere there were signs. They asked everyone to keep their mask on. I would say ninety five to ninety eight percent of the people in the audience kept their mask on even while they were in their seats It was good to see you know. Saw few people wandered around a couple of guys that look like they can't be bothered wearing a mask and a couple of Middle aged women mostly. I think that were not Wearing a mask but overall most people had him on We got to into the arena and we sat down and our seats were lower level. straight to the kind of to the. If you're facing the stage we were Stage left i guess and There's a curtain on the stage and they said about seven fifty seven forty five. They said the show will saw promptly at eight. Oh five and then round seven fifty. Five eight o'clock the show will start promptly at eight. Oh five and so were there. Nato five the lights dim and the sky dressed kind of is a in a suit Walked across stage and went to i guess stage left and picked up the hotel. California vinyl showed the album to the audience. Took the album out blue on it. The way you used to do. Put it on a turntable foot. The arm and as you said it down the curtain started rising up and you started hearing the opening chords of hotel california We had hotel california new kid in town life in the fast line wasted time which is one of my favorite favorite Eagle songs They had a the new texas symphony orchestra Playing on it. So they had this whole string orchestra. Everyone was massed Then at the end of that This stages dark and a tall Woman that was in like a black fancy dress with a see through Skirt the skirt when all the way down to her Like our ankles. But it was a see-through and she walked all the way across the stage took the album flipped it over foot. The arm on again and then the orchestra started playing again We heard wasted time again. The reprise victim of love pretty maids all in a row. Try and love again. And then last resort The don henley then came out. You know from he. He took turns either being the drum and singing or being in the front playing itar He thanked us all for being there. he said it was there. Were so happy to do this. And he said we're gonna go take a fifteen minute break and come back and play every song we know And then a little weird is when they came back. They had all changed clothes like they had dressed up. They were in suits for hotel california and then when they started playing the other they were more in jeans. And like you know just flannel shirts or just regular casual garb. They opened with the seconds. I guess the second set Seven bridges road then did take it. Easy one of these nights take to limit lying eyes which you woman. And then joe walston in the city One of the really interesting things is with. Glenn fry no longer with us. They needed someone. And you know. Randomize does not tour with eagles anymore. They needed someone to handle the high vocals so they did that in two ways. One glenn fries son deacon fry toured and he looks just like his father He has his hair down to his shoulders mustache. He looks like he could have been a member of the eagles in the seventies his voice is very close to his dad and the other Really really great thing to see. Was vince gill Doing some of the songs had a wonderful. I just love in skills voice and he was seeing it. So that was great After in the city did. I can't tell you why peaceful easy feeling tequila sunrise. The shoes Then lifespan good already. Gone heartache tonight. And then they went off. Stage came back Three song encore rocky mountain way. Once again joe walsh desperado. With the strings brought back and then they ended with best of my love. Absolutely amazing show A was great. They were filled filled with so much harmony. I i loved hearing them singing Not a lot of talk between songs but Don henley did mention that At one point there was the university of university texas. at arlington's acapella choir was singing background and he made the joke and their grandparents are big fans of ours He talked about the twenty years ago. The eagles was the first band that played at the american airlines center. When it opened here in dallas So linen i had a great time. the show lasted about three hours. From when you figure including you know running clock so even when they took the break between hotel california and the others keeping the clock running It was a school night. So i am a little bit tired today but overall To here last resort and wasted time formed live with an orchestra is something i never would have thought i'd seen and it definitely checks off a list to me of of a band that i loved and i'm now glad i got to see so if you've gone and seen a ban that you love and you it's been a while like you've always wanted to see them. Let me know. reach out to me. Set lesson bruce. led to have on the show. And you share your story but for now I'm going to take it to the limit. Because i can't tell you why lifespan good and i should have already been gone goodbye..

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