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Moving. On movement in another update on shoes, we've got another collaboration with a plant. Flea market between Nike and they've been absolutely smashing collaborations when it comes with mccolm quite a few shoes quiet ubisoft appro in a very short period especially considering. how New the brand is I don't think the actual person running a branch a young lady. Is really new to the industry because you know you don't go. From being a fairly unknown person suddenly being friends of everybody in L. A. and everybody you know anybody who the fashion streetwear hype BC realm without having some connection Ghanistan some shows he has nothing links but for a new brand to kind of go from zero to whatever they've gone is amazing. Some might call her a plant. Get that yet spit baton however. Really good stuff and I like these again at my favorite modal again, I'm a pepper issue with Maki, trying to force feed dunks down people's throats for the best part of what two years if it was like every two years they try and just for some back down our throats, it feels like they're trying to make. As much of a staple as air force wanted never gonNA. Get to that level I just don't think that's the case. is about not being as comfortable as Air Force wants whoever is the fact that they don't actually have you know I was thinking maybe it's the fact that Nike don't actually have a general idea version of plain dumpy eagerness by JD, sports or footlocker or a for action wherever you live right or sized. Did it have one other thing? They do like a general shape quality standard dunk low dunk me Don carty purchase you go into officers purchase and often exists if it did exist. I mean in essence similar to like whatever is one have with a why we do why lows mids and and White Blacks and blacks warren that restricts in it. They have those two or does to iterations of shoes they kind of you know, give them a shop. So you already know what that looks like..

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