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Second segment with Andrew and continuing our discussion from part one. Night in the nineteen seventies Andrew Bozeman Reverend, Andrew Bozeman was an award winning winning advertising, copywriter and producer for such clients as McDonald's wiser beer and Coca Cola in the nineteen eighties, he was introduced. A PC's taught himself programming and became a consultant in the nineteen nineties became the project director of Technology Training for this city and county of San Francisco where he was responsible for overseeing the technology training for the city's thirty thousand employees now at the age seventy, he looks forward with excitement to a new phase of high activity in his life. He was ordained as a minister in nineteen eighty two. In one, thousand, nine, hundred ninety, he became a senior minister of the Church of Amran in San Francisco metaphysical. Ministry promoted the principle that all religions are true that practiced. When practiced in their purity. You left the church in two thousand one and retired from the city to take his ministry to the streets. He then founded the Southeast Sector Community Development Corporation. It's S S. CDC a nonprofit corporation in San Francisco's Bayview. Hunters point where he is a community activist, working on behalf of an economically depressed in environmentally exploited minorities, minority citizens and raising the awareness of new thought spiritual teachings. In two thousand nine, he founded Bozeman Development. Group A for Profit Company to Augment His nonprofit and dedicated to emerging spiritual empowerment with economic development. Bozeman Development Group is an African American Publishing and multimedia production company dedicated to the spiritual psychological and economic elevation of more than forty million African Americans, living in United States of America his objective is to create and market products designed to support African Americans in eliminating the negative effects of racism elevating self. Esteem generating entrepreneurial. Endeavors rebuilding African. American, communities, building and promoting African American.

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