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Apparently the nape for the Boston trip that they got back together texted her asked if they could get back together she took him back because, you know when you're in love your in love, and now they're back. So they're grads great. It's great. So that's so wait. How did you learn about all this? He texted her, and he had a dream, my while you were not my wife base. Go is like we're not driving home until you. Tell me the story and just. But the big winner in this is my wife because they used to have these double dates with the two moms, and then Bannon, his girlfriend, they would go out, but my mom, my wife really liked the other mom. So now they're back. So everything's everything's looking up roses, my son. The only guy who can lock himself down at age eleven. That's greatly. Wow. There's no in the field. The only person who who played it worse at thank was our cousin Jimmy. Just stated. And now he kisses A-List celebrities on now. Visit. Wow. Ben. Yeah. Good for you know what you may want to sponge off that trampoline just say those kids up to. We're doing thrown game. We'll take one more break to talk about our old friends, ZipRecruiter. What's the difference in working hard and working spart? I don't know. Look at the warriors they were hard. They've won four straight without Kevin Durant. They've also worked really smart. They put together one of the best five-year runs of any team in the NBA history. Russell celtics. Maybe this, this might be number two. At this point, ZipRecruiter's technology and in tools, make hiring more efficient and affective and I mentioned this because it's the smartest way to hire. It's like the warriors of hiring stuff, their powerful technology scant styles resumes to find people at the right experience for your job..

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