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Or read with this. Do we have open for this? We do not have an open for this. It goes like this, Grandma. Pretty. My red line. Which do you want now? Okay. I think we should cut that and print it. Okay? That's that's an Adam Barta original. I want to tell you about a new Netflix series called Sexy Beasts. Oh, right. You're in right? What if I tell you that this is essentially a cross between the masked singer and love is blind? Oh, so dating show with masks. But like the masks are not like, um, you know, in the eighties, when you go to the drugstore to get your costume for Halloween, and you'd get that plasticky mask with the Thing around the back. No, It's not like that. This is like makeup artist level stuff like the Dolphin person looks like a dolphin. The mouse person dolphin like a furry, They look like Furries. You guys, They're furries. This is not Can I just be honest? I watch this trailer yesterday and I was like I was repulsed. I I don't know what it is about somebody's acid trip, but I But don't you feel so here's Here's my Secret Service. I know my secret. Thought when I saw this was like, I wonder if this is a weird attempt. To like. Bring the furry Z into the Netflix family meaning like you can play it off. As like, Oh, look at these funny people. We'll see if they can really get to know each other without actually seeing each other's true face. Sure, that's kind of a clever ruse, right? But you didn't need to do animal Faces, right. So then I wonder like, Are people gonna be like horny for this? Like some people will, I bet? I mean, you're probably right like dolphin Looks like she's on episode of Star Trek. She does not look like a dolphin. No, actually, it's funny that you just said that because I was just thinking like they go to sit down in the bar, and it looks like Straight out of Star Wars. You know where they go into the cantina, and everybody looks completely scared. There's a scarecrow in this what I mean, it is so bizarre aliens or not, aliens bugs. I don't know, just creepy faces, and so basically like they go on all these dates with their mask faces. And they have to, like, figure out how to you know if they want to kiss or whatever, Smush their mask faces together. It's so weird, but I just kept having this feeling like I wonder if it's like sub Like if there's just a meaning in a level in an audience that we're not. You know what I mean? Like, Yes, there's somebody else is getting a whole different show out of this that we would cause I don't think this shows for us, but am I gonna watch it? Are you 150? Okay, well, watch it and tell us if it's worth it. You know what? You know what's interesting about this for me? Bradley, But I'd like to hear you remember this. The precursor to this was a show that did not get enough air time. It did not get enough play. Do you remember this show? I'm sure we watched it together. Not together, but like both watched it. Dating in the dark. Do you remember that? No. No, I remember that other dark black out the one where they did gross things. Jameel, Uh, with Julia White Leo y. Yeah. He was the host of that show. But there was maybe now that I think about it, I wonder, actually, Maybe it wasn't you that, uh, this could have been predated You, um There was a show called dating in the dark. It was on in 2000 and nine. Yep. We totally watched this. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if I Blocked it out. Okay, So the gist of this show was there were people who would go into like, essentially like a completely Pitch dark room where they could not see a thing. And they would have conversations or maybe they would eat together and they would like, get to know each other. They would talk, but they wouldn't see each other until the very end. Do you remember this and the whole show was basically in night vision. Yeah, like we could see it right? But they couldn't. Um and I just feel like again like sometimes there's just a show that super ahead of its time, But this whole concept of falling in love without really seeing each other is something we have apparently been fascinated by for a while. But Netflix is cashing in on it because they also are the ones that did, um Just said the name of it now I camera but it's called Love is blind. That's the one where they sat on either side of, um You know, two way mirror, and they like talk to each other for a while, and then they had to get married. Okay then and then go on vacations there always intense. There's always understand the need to go from zero to married, like, Can't you just be like, Well, we actually might want to hang out with each other. No, it's like, have Children. But you know what's interesting is there are still people from love is blind. That are I mean, there are people who got married on love is blind that are still married. I follow them all. And instruments were okay. Well, I'm glad they're happy. But it's that same that same It's that needs to be scratched, like from the Bachelor franchise. 90 Day fiance Remember? Then there's the opposite. Remember the nudie patootie ones? There was that, like nude like dating in the nude show. What was that called? Where they had to, like meat on a beach naked and like, size each other up. Wow. I do sort of vaguely recalled. And like one time they had to be in a bubble together, like on the beach and, like, Roll around dating naked. Yeah, I was actually just called dating naked. Remember, they were in the hot tub. This is the problem. So I just wrote dating makes Came up anyway by a brief, um, saving time by a brief I do the because what happens is this like we're fascinated at the idea of people falling in love for who they are and not for how they look. But you can't just Do it, Uh, a normal vanilla way You have to up the ante every single time. There has to be some weird twist. I just love the idea of tort. I mean, that's what they're doing is torturing people for our benefit. Like literally, That's all This is like here, go through this uncomfortable circumstance, so I will be amused on my couch. Mean and I'm probably going to watch it. Let's be on. It's hilarious. Um, dating naked was three season. That was we watched that show. I mean, I do more than one. I am sure we did. I just remember having opinions about the people and they would literally be like, you know, doing the like. I'm looking up here. I'm not looking down there, but they were totally looking down there, right? And then, like I think, guys would you know? Things would happen. Well, of course. I think about this like it's similar to You know, we all loved the show Survivor, But then they had to up the ante on that. And that's when they came up with naked and afraid, Right. Nudity cells. Oh, yeah, I mean, Also have you met people, right? True, like hang? I don't know. Do a cooking show, but they're naked. Try it naked. Okay, do it in the dark. That will make sense. Okay? Somebody will start something on fire. It'll be great. Anyway. Meanwhile, the Norwegians are like we're going to go on a long period trip together for eight hours Watch. Well, I've got good news for you. This is going to be a Netflix. So if you have Netflix your I think it's already on, right. No, The bad news is it doesn't premiere until July. 25. Okay. They must have just that. Be heavy with the previews. Oh, big time. They're definitely heavy with..

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