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Hundred eight sixty well pretty much falling with treasuries is paving bids eased after gains in stock futures added to positive sentiment fueled about what was strong US. They know on Friday, the Japanese currency dropping against all of its t- ten peers. Let's check in on the Indian markets as well with Bloomberg Quainton nap meet salute to Susan live from home by the meat. Well the Indian market's off to a weak start for the week is valid speed underperforming its Asian Piz, and we've seen cuts about half percent coming for the benchmark indices, niff- taste trending lower, but almost seventy points right now. And the sensex also seen cuts about half a percent, the banking space than if Tea Banh cripe now is indicating downtick of about one fifty seven points and the broader markets that's been the pain point for Indian markets. In fact, Bodo markets today to a trading with the guts, but for every single day of this month trading day of this month, the market breath housing pretty weak any task being aimed favor off the declines market set off to a weak start majority of the total in the season for treating in the with cut scene for a couple of metal stocks, drew these talks, and also ID stocks coming onto pressure today street and for the Indian rupee, which depreciated on Friday this morning as well, as we've seen some further depreciation coming in for Indian rupee. The investors have been on edge because of the own going. Trade wellish was between India between US and China. But back home in deal with imposing database on Sutton, twenty eight you is good switches, solid. Sentiments back home in India. Thank you. What about four roundup? Let's also get you a quick of, but in this business flash headlines and cross back out to Debra mouth Debra. Is if you've ES maybe suffering the fallout from the Chinese peg comments by global chief economist, we're told China railway construction excluded UBS from dollar bond sale. It's the first known corporate issue or to distance itself from the Bank after Paul Donovan's worth sparked fury. The loss fees should have only a negligible effect on UBS figures, but CRC's decision threatens to complicate its push.

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