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I'm standing in a space tomorrow. The landlord wants me to make an offer on the West End. And I think you know, until we standing there can't deliver ski more plan. And even if we do we only do half with that way. And we'll Joe Joe. Now, I've never spoken somebody about that. But I think it's fascinating. I always say the same we've never wrote out a concert with what we do for me every design is specific to the venue. And I've worked with designers by always think unless you can stand in a space, and I've had people sort of sketch out stuff and say, oh, could you come into this building and stuff like that? And it says, I think you just need to stand it and see how it feels so much of hospital is a feeling. It's not get good drinks loads of places you can go good food, but it doesn't always feel amazing which is a bit of a segue to industry fees, because also you could have stopped with boughs, you will bloody good at them yet. There's amazing reputation. They were successful. What was the calling to get into street because this is how many jobs in the same sect of it. They feel very different. What was the trigger? That was a bit of accident design again, I think, around two thousand eleven there was the beginnings of street food seed in east London. I really, you know. Latched onto it and love, what's going on with young born and lucky chip and pick you and these brands and just thought these are great. This is exceptional food served quickly and cheaply in, you know, in these kind of mobile kitchen environments, and, and the people behind them, you know, Lisa young boom, band look chip in the guys up brilliant individuals who are just trying to do something that nobody had done before, do something in this new way. And. Running group of balls at the time we would often struggle to get so into our kitchens, do anything. So my business though it was, you know, make I can help these guys get inside if they want to do that, and they can help me with my food problem because, you know, eighty percent ninety seven what we sell his drinks and the kitchen is often just a headache. And so I was immediately interested in that Twitter was just started happened at the time, and I wanted to help these, these sort of fledgling businesses market themselves become something. So we create this these kind of light events where we, we bring people down. And I provide a load of cheap beer or a load of free drinks or a load of we used to milk, it on me three pound for a pint of Mahyco on the south Bank at pick, you know, all the money raised went to buy new smoker and stuff. Just really excited events in life bans there. And look at five thousand people to know within the first one I did was look chip in new Broadway market, and we did it on a Sunday. And thank God, who was Sonny because that'd been tweeting that I got this. I literally bore bathtub filled with ice. Mosaic wine Red Stripe, beer, said anyone buying a burger from looking chip. It's free beer, free wine in all the time you could do a couple of tweets or ninety five people to end up and there's a massive success. And I just thought, well, this is. Really powerful medium for getting the word out. But it's only getting the word out to people want something cheap or for free. So the next stage of that was saying, if I could use that digital medium to sell tickets to an event. So we came with these ideas of these food fights with I was a chilly standoff. We've got ten chefs restaurants. It's a create their best version of a chilly. And then you bought for twenty quid thirty quid a common. But you've got to try ten shoes, and you vote the win and they get in, they win two thousand quid and that led to tackle wars in Jin stock on room stock in a few of their events that, that father, these kind of under the food, vile umbrella. And that was a really great success. It's sold sold out in Brigstocke with sold out in four minutes. I think it's easy to send out a tweet through booths, but it's a good name, and it could be a branding, and then get some great names involved and at the time again, there's another zeitgeist you know, there was a new food happening in this surliness powerful on the niece Linden. And that's where I am at people at Richard. Turner and Stevie Paul and skin and call clock and all these guys in jokey from the facto canoe so many people that kind of met these events, and I met, and you just you don't think this is great. We want to gain to Korean food. We want to find out about, you know, wherever, you know, the next thing is wherever we've not experienced before and. It was a really exciting time to be doing stuff like that. And I remember one summer working with a guy called Adam late in his Nashville Adam on Twitter. And now running the marketing side honest, burgers, we did. I think that six events over seven weekends in Hankinson at the St. fy site, we did like a Bon at party with kissy. We did a back yard barbecue. Wouldn't you know, keg party? We did Jin stock. We did tackle wars. We did have we did sit rip stop with six events in seven weekends. I don't know how from my kitchen Sabe would have an office then. And we just sat and said, what can we do? We need some, some ideas, some food events. What should we do? We came up with these ideas with a graphic designer rings around. Some chefs start the word and set that set the ball rolling, and they just happened, and they were really everyone joined in, you know, people like James low from Lyles coming into competing it. You know, join these great chefs at the time we've now go fantast. Restaurants. I remember the guys from clove club. Joanie down the two front of house guys. They wouldn't run stock which which we did in two thousand twelve and the car park behind. Jimmy, Elvis fifteen restroom, and they went with Mike Sega good wild. And, you know, the time and they didn't have the cloth then they didn't have my say the wild, and they just they met, and they ended up winning run stock. And I think they got sued Brando three and a half. And if there is a great that was a brilliant, Sunday, let me just like a really special couple years, and my Don coups, Latigo, who's the founder of St. faced. Had started. I think it started just on brick lane alas the couple of weekends there before he got moved along, because it was kind of like a food, equally a nomadic street food circus. So they pop up, get the deck's out the food on own Abar enough. They go until he got moved on by the counselor time, and he found a nice home in dolphin at the at the Dawson yard side. It became on the big street fee site, and I used to live about four hundred yards away, and it's said go, there, my kids on, on a Friday and just absolutely love it. Ben Spalding was cooking there. He was doing brilliant things. With is stripped concepts. And I remember thinking this is brilliant. I think the bar could be better. Don't realize the DJ that much, but domes vision is fucking exceptional and is really onto some. They just loved it. I just used to go all the time. This is a customer and. I remember the end of that. So the similarly just in about nine weekends and went to seven of them on a Dina street back every night been there, even didn't know what was going to do next. I think he then found a site. Which became merchant yard in Haggas STAN, but he didn't have enough money to get it going. And he said, lo do you want to get involved? It's going to cost about twenty five grand reckon. Maybe bit more costly more, and I thought, yes, a book, I really want to get involved in making the boss bets, if we can have gone idea for this space of their tune into Jin stall, and I think she was selling more of these some of the food could be better know these guys do tackles the that's those guys ankles. I call this guy just pizzas brilliant ads met all these people, and can we get Lookie chip in and can we and how about we do this? It was just a really creative paired with him. And we owned. Streep is merging yard and Agostan. I think that was kind of may two thousand thirteen and I remember realizing we're onto something when Don came in one Friday evening, and he's the second Friday, the first Friday we opened he said, I've just golfed the overground we've got five carriages. He said was absolutely packed to the train. Stop to Haggas Ston and literally everyone off five thirty six o'clock, and they were all coming to St. faced and there's a Tesco ATM across the road, and there's like a line of about hundred people, and he's, like, four people queuing around the block come to Murcia, and he was just brilliant. And that was a lot of people coming together to do really cool things the guys doing the domino, Histov and do not Bobbitt's Ben Spalding during the strip by thing. And it was just really, really. And then, so for those who've not been then to Donald because again, you said you make Saturdays and I'm sure we'll be in the city and all of those people who were in the city. And, and the proximity of the makes it easier to get these people all under one roof. And I've, I've been to diner armone, and it's an amazing again when you talk about how a space feels is incredible. And how and how on earth it was designed gotten idea because it looks like a mishmash of so many different things but fails, incredible for people who've who've not been can you just paint a picture of what these places are like, why they're so different issue really hard. If I want to meet people for the first time and say, what did you do said on this thing called Streep is Wall Street food night markets and go, we have know try and describe, I really have to just show them a picture. That's usually get and they go. Wow. 'cause some great pictures of diner almost great pictures of hawk house, but. Diner on. How do I describe it? I mean we've go, we took over a twelve thousand square foot, former car park, which has big iron fencing around it, it was used for bullying trucks, and it's rotten grace street and shortage had no power, no water. It's user generate in a giant water. But when we first died there, and we Ridgely intended to open that two nights a week for four months in the spring, and summer and that was going to be completely empty. When you go to completely there's nothing in there. It's all doll found the side. We did the deal. Henry Dimbleby, join the business by, then I was working with his, and he sought out the planning, which is a miracle, and we got license for thousand capacity venue, in shortage, right on the edge of the special policy areas of this kind of, like exclusion zone of new licenses and we couldn't believe at the time. And thank God, we did because it's been a brilliant thing. Rosen at the brilliant thing for our traders and lot of small business were that we've create so many jobs for young local Londoners, and it's just been an all round success..

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