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Was exacerbating the situation. Right. And if that Jared, excuse me had some kind of head injury where he should not have been moved your emotional rate reaction is a parent, you know, put end up killing your child, and I, and I think that brings up such a good point that in, you know, whether you're alone, or you're with a group of people when you have some knowledge of what to do you're still going to you're still gonna react emotionally. We're human beings. My gosh, if that happened to my son, I you know, I would initially freak out. But what I learned. Is that when you kind of know what to do, you might panic for few seconds? And then you kick into this weird sort of slow Mushin surreal mode in which you are able to take proactive steps. You're able you get into this weird zone where like your intellect takes. Okay. You know, what emotion you need to take a step back. I know what to do and that can make all the difference between somebody living in somebody dying in one of the drills that I was in. It was a plane crash drill with involving hundreds of people. This was been Los Angeles. A my job my role. We all got to play roles was to be the person that is not all that much injured. But annoys the hell out of all the first responders that person that is distracting. That person that is you know, I need help. Now, I need help when there's people who are on the verge of death lying over here. And here it was. So I open ING to me. How much were first responders have to deal with the human aspects of something when they're just trying to do their job. Mark father was a police officer. And can remember him coming home from work? Just sit in silently looking back on it. And I was not all I know that he was obviously protests in every dealt with that day. But yeah, I mean all credit to these people that go I day in day risk that lives, and and also put themselves right in in the path of some of the things that we all shy away from. Yeah. I mean, can you naked better choice? Now, you're trading by sir or Red Cross or whatever we are activated in major -mergency that we have the choice to say that. We cannot participate because we need to take care of our family, or we can you know, we want to take care of her neighbors we have that choice. But if you're a firemen far women, you know, you're on long force, your EMS or emergency technician, ambulance drivers up. Sorry. You don't have a choice. And if it's a major event the effects, everyone, we won't have a choice that knowing the will we so I don't think so I think everybody's going to need to either step up or step back and most people will step back. But you know, you do have a lot of people that in a big emergency or disaster. People step forward. They wanna help they want to do it. They can there's a lot of good people. There's a lot of good, you know, in human nature. But a problem is often when people disrupt first responders because they think they're helping like moving body moving people who were injured when maybe they. Should be moved going into building was that have not been assessed that could crumble down around you because you wanna go make sure there's nobody in there. If you have somebody trained in disaster assessment, let them go in. However, I know full well that if you're the only person or your you and your neighbors, and nobody knows what they're doing. You're gonna go into that building. And it's just a risk. You know, the people take towards the end of our time together. I just want to ask you something that's going to a little bit more. So the light-hearted may be I'm going put you on the spot. I'm going to I'm going to put you on the spot. He okay. So little scenario. There's a major disaster. Okay. On you, take the items that you've already prepaid, and you maybe decided that you can't stay in you'll hives on you. Because I know that this times when you go to Hong condign and times when you go to leave isn't shelter in place. Yeah. So in this situation, you'll have to leave on you. With you your emergency stuff that you've prepaid all of the stuff that you've left behind. What do you think? You would miss. I or my gosh. Okay. Several times that I was actually evacuated. Do you know what I took my my purse? Of course, my cats have any cats anymore. I would take you know, like kid now, actually I ended up taking my computer hard drive because my whole life is a writer with on that. The things I left behind in a what here's where technology is good. Here's where technology gets to make us happy. You used to hear people say, I'd take all my photographs all my photo books of my wedding in this that will now most low that stuff is on your phone or on the cloud or on Facebook, or whatever I think I would miss. Well, I don't know my books, but then again, we live in a world where we could most easily replace things may think Steph for my childhood that I have in my storage room, Raj. 'cause I know I take that with me this. I have you know, my people might pets at my basics. And I grabbed my hard drive, which is right in front of me. I, you know, I'll be I'll be okay, I'm at all the rest of that stuff is material. But when you pull it time to question like that a new Radi think about it. You realize ready that will in life? Do you really? Need other than the people around you. And like you said to the memories really it's funny because I was talking to Bella in bed last night before we went to sleep. And I said to Tolkien by the conversation that we were going to have today in this interview. And I said I'm going to ask what she would miss. I, you know, if she had to leave stuff behind, and so Bella turned to me, and she said, well, what would you miss I? And I said you DEA.

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