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Where back for this week in survivor episode. Number twelve I'm rob sister, Nino here to cover everything going on here as we wrap out episode and number twelve for the week. And then we have the wiggle room on this weekend. Survivor, of course, here with us. The man who created the this week in survivor history quiz, the great Jordan Kayla's here. Jordan. How are you? Doing. Well, had it had a good week. I thought it was a pretty fun episode of survivor. So I'm hanging in there. Why what happened on your week? I'm no nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Really interesting. Okay. You made it sound like it was a really good week. Did I? Yeah. I thought it was downplaying the week. I I don't know. It was fine. It was I worked I've coached in lost baseball game. And it's about it. Okay. We had a fun fun viewing party with the pizza and beer lions in New York, which but that's a common occurrence. Okay. Well, maybe had such a good week because you were in anticipation for our guest on this week in survivor. She is the co owner of the ouray JP BNB, you could hear her on a bunch of different ra- happe- podcasts, the great Liana Boris Liana. How are you? I'm good sounds like Jordan really had a crazy week compared to me. My fire alarm the battery died so beeped at me for a while. It was the worst. Like, I don't under-. Here's what's the deal with fire alarms. No like, it just continues to be, but you can't turn it off. So now it's sitting on my desk off. On. So anyway, that was the that was the ordeal in my world this week. Okay. All right. Well, Leon please the practice fire safety. Okay. I'll plug it back and afterwards, I promise. Okay. Survivor is like a broken fire alarm, how cells constantly ream. Broken fire alarm. Great try to change my battery. Okay. Imagine CVS dot com came out with like.

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