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Of a this little strip answer will strip mall on offices hyde traffic area it's been busy over there all the time right seems like the logical place even though it's not maybe in the best neighborhood but what a shake shack care but i think they know what they're doing it's taken she whatever steak n shake i am not the staking shake i think there i think i come and i think that's great they're put their place in what they considered to be i'm very optimal business opportunity location right but some people are pissed off about some people are not happy about it at all you know and it kind of looks to milk at the cross between denny is there and foster's freeze all my were maybe a rallies are i mean we looked up on their website is that they got has rated than the number one knock shaken then yeah so if you beat now at steak n shake let us know your thoughts on this it's coming the fresno forte i know fifty eight fifty eight forte i know five eight five eight i never had it christine has never had a no i know tony is a big fan huge fan but you know it so it's a first for fresno is this an optimal location do you think in southeast fresno kings kenyon peach who would've funk that a major expanding franchise would be locating their shot they're they're restaurant there i i think it's great high five to hear you at stake and here's my other question will you go to outings can mph to get there but hey i mean you know the river parkas the destination even though you don't live in that neighborhood right wright you tend to go a few times a month or a year right you're gonna go there eventually because there it's the destination location right and for the pf james is that's why i go once a month that's true and it's the only one like in town i think you have to go.

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