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London's in the Gulf Coast windows dot com. 24 hour traffic center from our ktrh John more Services 24 Hour Weather Center For today We are looking at flurries of snow showers They end probably another hour to this morning. It'll be cloudy and then we'll have some partial clearing This after this could be cold all day long will be will struggle to get to maybe 20 degrees. Tonight. We're down into the teens and with some clearing skies and tomorrow mostly sunny, low to mid thirties for a high temperature right now, 17 and your officials severe weather station. News radio 7 40 ktrh trying to get you caught up on this morning's top stories all pretty much the weather here, sheriff. Good morning is now 6 51 on NewsRadio. 7 40 ktrh are headlines were sponsored by very dot com Because I'm looking up at the weather map 59 degrees in Galveston because the storm hasn't worked its way over there yet, but those of us as we're going, we're gonna warm up into the twenties today, but overnight is when they're really cold stuff is gonna happen, And I'm seeing a negative four for like Brenham. For heaven's sakes. So we're we're just in the beginning of this Jimmy rolling blackouts already all across the state because it's been working its way from the West is not coming straight out of the North West westward across the state. Some of those locally here some of those brownouts blackouts really have lasted for over four hours, and we're gonna have to stay on top of this situation throughout the day. George R. Brown Convention Center, Lakewood Church opened his warming centers yesterday filled to capacity within an hour. Half There is an additional warming center on Air Center Boulevard that's near rank and rode in the hardy Toll Road. Galveston Co. Care is coordinating food and shelter for the homeless in the city, and that county first responders aren't the only ones working in Cyprus. So is the Waffle House staying open? You know this first responders need some food, too. Despite the storm more these stories right now a ktrh dot com Our next news update will be at the top of the hour. There are 59 inbound for Luke is always a problem. Ktrh time saving traffic Next on.

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