President Trump, Peretti Peretti, Pelosi discussed on Morning Edition


From NPR news in Washington, I'm korva Coleman. President Trump has abruptly reversed course, saying he will now wait until after the partial federal government shutdown ends to deliver the state of the union address as NPR's tamra Keith reports the announcement came via late night tweets in tweets sent just after eleven pm. President Trump said speaker Pelosi's decision not to allow the state of the union to be delivered in the house chamber until after the shutdown ends is her prerogative. He added that he isn't looking for an alternative venue to deliver the address because quote, there is no venue that can compete with the history tradition and importance of the house chamber. I look forward to giving a great state of the union address in the near future. Pelosi responded saying she hoped that phrase near future meant Trump would accept the democratic Bill being voted on in the Senate to end the shutdown. That seems unlikely just Wednesday President Trump had attempted to call Pelosi's bluff saying. He intended to deliver the address as planned January twenty ninth only to accept her position. Several hours later tamra, Keith NPR news. In addition to the Bill backed by Democrats, the Senate will take up a competing Republican proposal today that incorporates President Trump's demand for a border wall. It would also drastically change some US asylum laws. Both Senate bills are expected to fail online news and entertainment side. Buzzfeed says it's laying off fifteen percent of its workforce NPR's. Elizabeth Blair says the job cuts were announced by BuzzFeed, founder, Jonah, Peretti Peretti's memo begins. I'm writing with sad news. He goes on to say that after examining trends and the evolving economics of digital platforms executives plan to consolidate teams and focus in on the content. That's working since BuzzFeed was founded in two thousand six the competition for clicks and digital ad revenue has increased significantly with small companies and behemoths like face. Book Peretti's has details on the cuts will be announced by Monday at the latest. Buzzfeed news recently published an explosive story alleging that President Trump urged his ex lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to congress. Elizabeth Blair NPR news following that BuzzFeed report, alleging Trump told Cohen delighted congress the office of special counsel. Robert Muller issued a statement disputing elements of the article police in south central Florida say they've arrested a suspect in connection with the shooting deaths of five people on Wednesday in a Bank. The police chief of c- bring Florida Carl HOGAN says the victims were discovered after a swat team entered the Bank and captured the suspect there's been a.

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