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Eric operative that's inside the palace investigating basically investigating something i forget what it was what it was exactly but yeah it was in there he was basically a cia operative at they were trying to stop them from being public jesper eleanor because you know she can't be dating someone from the right and so jasper comes out he's you know robbie gives a speech basically thanking jasper for service and then jasper gets up and fully admits a small time con man i was not a good person when i came here but they took me in they've made me their family they've turned me round i'm a good person right now and then they asked him the very pointy question of or are you with anybody or you day gaining buddy and he's like yeah you know she's a wonderful girl liver very much and you know we like our privacy and our space right now and they asked him who it is and he's like yeah no not gonna tell you that nope but then go sorry but then eleanor's sitting in the in the hospital room late he likes me he really really likes me she's like overjoyed and then he comes back to the hospital room and no no you you're missing the key point what was the line in the limo from last right right so the line in the in the limo is you know these things have a funny way of working themselves out so somebody asked jasper he's going to return to work and he goes of course i am and then he turns any looks at robbie who is standing behind him and goes these things have a funny way of working themselves out those of us bar that was the best part you end solo look robbie's phase early.

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