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By those in opposition. Friend of mine got busted. He was arrested. Jason was arrested and other arrests and they shut it down tomorrow for people that show up. Could you get arrested? Technically, absolutely. Tomorrow they're protesting the shutdown, the continuation of the lock down and everything. So I know did notice, However, because yesterday was the first day right of the new lock down. We're locked on to, and I noticed this lot more traffic anyway, so I don't Too many people are really paying attention to watch this time or but the cops out on the beach. I have video from from listeners. The TV's going up. No. You know, it's so why would they do it down? I'm just saying In general, though, the sound of traffic because the first doctor it was Those terms, people and now I shall see than there are people. They don't want to do things. So we had enough of it. You guys have been to my house and so you know, we don't live on the beach. But we have We live on a private street with gated access in the house That's across the street from us. Is a very large long that comes back almost football length field from the beach, so we sit in chairs on the Juan But last night The cops was. It was very interesting with watching them because they were running back and forth up and down the beach. But they would come up and they would stop on the beach right in front of where we were sitting, and then they're watching people down the beach, and then they pounce on him. Run down the beach. Get out! Get off there a TV, pull out their ticket book and start writing some citations. And it's like I mean, I just think that the whole thing has just gotten so stupid because you can't walk or run on the beach. And I mean, there was a story about what you can walk on the bugle dog water Get to the water. That's citing people that are standing in the water so deep. I mean, it's like Holding Again. I support the police, but I just don't support what they've been told to do. Yeah, It's not their fault that they got orders to do that, exactly and going to the beach, But the beach is probably one of the few places you're probably not going to get fired. Getting in the trade. Well, that's what we don't want You to go to the bottom line is nobody has proven That any of those corn coat gathering has been the source of the outbreaks that we have no and even if there are outbreaks, you categorize it. That's why The absolute Dereliction of duty. Her almost criminal that Bruce Anderson and Sarah Parker responsible for for not having the safeguards and the appropriate measures of contact tracing and more too Identify. And I slowly treat and release Well, that's all you would have to do. It seems that the highest higher from facts that I've heard the highest concentration of cases is in minority communities. Micronesia and Philippine Filipino where they have multiple generations of people living in the same house. And that's the case. They're in the house. And why did why did they have to do that? Because this government screws everybody with incredibly high taxation and rates. That's how price's people from Abel have. Holly, You're right. I didn't mean to jump in, but I want to get agitated. Jorma joins us before the break. Jordan do it Am I pronounce your name correctly it Hello? Hello? Hello? How quickly I don't want to take up your time. But ah friend of mine. Green. So went into Talamona with his bicycle, and this gentleman is in his mid eighties, and he's a disabled veteran, his very prone to rules and he went up to the police car. Make sure that it was okay for him to park a spark Mike there and go in for a swim. And as he's talking to the police amendment asking him if that's okay, and the police is here. Yeah, that's fine. A little in the safe is going to be safe, He says. You have a safe well. At that time, then hey, was the policeman. Uh, I wrote him a ticket. And what was interesting is the policeman. What is black? So he felt as a Caucasian. He felt like he was being discriminated against. Anyway. I don't want to take him or your time, but just to give you an idea that when you go to the police, and he and he has said time and time again that the He thinks the world of the police because he they've been always so kind, and he just couldn't believe that this happened to him, And I really can't believe your call. I can't believe any of that. That is a big stretch. That that would turn into immediately thinking of discrimination. I appreciate taking the time and joining us, but I don't buy it. We've all played the game communication and it's like the story get the story changes as it goes around the room, and I think that sounds like One of those stories that change that element around telephone, right. Thank you, Norma. Thank you very much for your call. Short break will wrap up with a good fellas after this..

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