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And I'll give you the cue to call in and win experienced the music of Led Zeppelin by the L P O with Randy Jackson at the Mahalia Jackson theater, Saturday, November third at seven thirty PM. It's a whole lot of love from WWL. Let's go to the talk lines line. One talk to leeann l- applause. What say you lay? Hey, lady, her whole foundation named is kind of ridiculous. Freedom from religion. It's patient out there. It's Fremont religion freedom from it. And this whole separation of church and state thing that's been. That's been missing true for the longest time for congress. I'll make no establishment of religion. Meaning you can't have a church of England church like that here. You can't say, well, this is our religion. It doesn't mean you can't have religion in the public square. Specifically says Paris, I'll make no law establishing want, correct. That have been wrongly interpreted every single point the point that she was trying to make was that in nineteen fifty four a congressional act provided allowing a minister of the gospel to exclude from his gross income, the rental allowance paid to him as part of his compensation, and I listen, I agree that it's been abused. I think she's going for the the low hanging fruit. So to speak with these mega church pastors, which I think everyone will agree. So that's how you get people on your side. Right. She's being a little bit. A little bit overly political talking about. Well, there's Trump appointee. So there's no point, you know. So I mean, if that was the case where Republicans always doing something on favorite, then we wouldn't have here. So I think I think you're using something that most people will agree on and I'm not overly religious. I don't go to church. I mean, I I believe in what I believe. But I believe those things help out four passengers more than they do the mega church once which that should be looked at right? You know, you should have to have some kind of tap for some kind of something to where it's intended to help out low income pastors because religion churches were viewed as a part of our culture, not one church over over another just having Satan that the overall that's a good thing. Dr exceptions to everything. Political in a whole idea of freedom from religion. There is no doubt that she's she's got she's got her agenda, and and her organization, and and it could very well be atheists for all I know. I didn't ask it's not any concern. I was just interested in this section of the internal revenue code. And what your thoughts were another people's.

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