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See them my myself one good morning welcome to the paul karen gun club spring it finally arrived whatever show up it's here we wants to get outside and let's get some work done if you're beginning to see that you're getting broadleaf weeds like dandelions all of a sudden your lawn is beginning to turn yellow you want to get too early if you can get the weed killer on your broadleaf weeds like dandelions at this time of the year right now is going to be more effective if you wait until they're all in bloom they only stay yellow for three days and after three days they'll produce seed and you'll see this beautiful silvery colored mound of seedpods where the yellow flowers were once that happens though seats are gonna blow with the wind and they'll be all over your lawn so try and get a broad leaf weed killer on it now now bone i'd has a two ways they have we'd beat our ultra that's a liquid it comes with a builtin sprayer and you just walk across your lawn you wet the grass it will not hurt your your grasses they will only kill broadleaf weeds and within two days you're going to see that the stem where the flower is is gonna be all twisted and it's to be all misshapen that's telling you to weed killer is in it in any of the seeds that are produced will be sterling they also have a weed and feed product they will feed the grass and kill the weed at the same time and if you haven't fed jalaun rather than just put down the straight food by the bone i'd weed and feed and your local history has a discount program like a coupon date.

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