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Show This guys screwed up his coordinate system again now years, Frankie. I love it when she screams I'm talking about we got the boss. I love the music don't like his politics. That's what I'm talking about 808 for 8 92 22 We're going to kick the calls in a second breaking news. In four wars corresponded. That's Alex Jones is group. Great. He's a great broadcast. I love it the whole and forwards gig. I think its awesome Millie Weaver was arrested. Unfortunately. For robbery, tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice, domestic violence and as much speculation as to the reason why, well, apparently It appears that the reason for the arrest was the release ofthe Shadow Gate. Fuck the documentary called Shadow Gate. Very, very revealing. You all got to check it out. Shadow Gate documentary really interesting. I saw some of it. I wanna watch the rest of it the end of the during the weekend tomorrow. This is the Frankie Russo Show 808 for 8 92 22 Really Crazy Thie. Milly we've arrest is actually it's all over the Internet, and it's somebody filmed it, so it's unbelievable 808 for 8 92 22 Let's kick to Anthony. And Staten Island. We're moving, lest half second half for the Frankie Russo show. Hey, what's up it anyhow? You my brother? I want to answer your questions. Nobody seems to answer this question You can mosquitoes carried his virus. Great point. That's a great point. Because great point great question. You don't have the Germans. Velocities went against Russia. They developed malaria, and they dropped it on the border of Russia. Kill the Russians with malaria mosquitoes on ly the male mosquito could carry that virus, and that's how they killed hundreds of thousands of Russians. On the Russian border. Well, I'll tell you this much, Anthony. I know this much. 60 years ago, there was a bio research lab in Louisiana and the CIA. Had this live great cover, and they were created virus creating tumors so that they could a bio they bio digit genetically modified virus to where the virus was creating tumors. And then we there first. They first started with mice. This's 60 years ago, they first started with mice. The tumor's was soap. There were bigger than the actual mice. That's how quickly these tumors would be, and it was and they ejected into American prisoners. So I mean, quite frankly, I agree. I mean, something like that can't be off the table. I mean, we had. Obviously we've got a good investigator have been brought up in public, right? Interesting note, Right? Great point. Great. Any kind of insect entity. Great point, actually, Thank you for the call My brother. All right. Thank you. Thank you. 808 for 8 92 20 to wind it down. David from New Jersey. What part of Jersey actually get it? We'll put product most Republican Party jersey or not our west of the Goth traffic. I wanted to say first off, too. Everybody that wanted to celebrate the call office. If parade I hope at some think it's still be arranged. I mean, if Kami is mayor, Phil helmets, you know people, right? Right? Social distancing. Maybe. Mayor Bill Helm will allow Italian Americans to celebrate Christopher Columbus Day. He's a Sandinista too, You know. Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, I would be supported calling their bill helm a communist to a space below. I mean evil it where some lifts with my Navy flat feet by. You served out He doesn't have a gut You serve David. Alien. Former Navy Buzz Nanthana. Okay, Accomplice who Thank you for your service. Thank you. Also, I'd like to say to the gentleman in North Carolina Mar the reason why North Carolina is always an issue for Electoral college when it concerned presidential vote minus the illegal aliens, dead voters and dead illegal alien voting. Is because all the bleeding hearts and moved down from Peoples Republic of New Jersey to North Carolina is the right correlation. Most interesting can afford to move that are limiting. Locals are bringing the problem with changing rather than changing their own life. Their bringing the problem well. Yeah, I mean, that's come on..

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