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Start blowing tropical storm rate. It will be virtually impossible. Rescuers to get in to rescue you. So they will be leaving just why be highly dangerous to be there. And if you're thinking the storms category means it's weakened officials say think again, just because the wind speeds came down the intensity of this storm came down to a cat to please do not let your guard down. The storm surge forecast associated with this storm has not changed. It has remained the same world. Carolina also comes with some very serious specific concerns the Brunswick nuclear power plant in North Carolina. Only four miles from the ocean shutting down production and erecting flood barriers today. It's one of six nuclear power sites that could be in or near the storm's path. Energy in federal regulators say the plants are built withstand major hurricanes. I'm not worried about the flooding here. They have plenty of to get rid of the water that comes in adding to that concern thousands of dams in the region that could be inundated with the storms. Heavy rain and surge some damage to these structures not out of the question. Let me set the expectations. This is a very dangerous storm we call them disasters because they break things the infrastructure is gonna break the power's going to go out. The power is going out wolf in North Carolina alone. It's reported a sixty eight thousand people with other electric city. This is going to be a long slog on the part of this hurricane. We talk of storm surge. The other water rising. They fear is what will come in a day or so with all the rain when it's done. Russia's back down river that could trigger an even greater flooding. Again, the new forecast is also as you just heard him mention there this part about the forecast, and what it is. Now, I want you to hear what the what they're saying out of Miami at the National Hurricane Center about this storm. They have new models. They put out there. Here's what they've had to say. We will see some strong winds along the coast, in fact, cedar island, which is located here just to the north of the center, which is now about ninety miles offshore of Wilmington. See rollin recently reported a wind gust of eighty five miles per hour. Well into the hurricane range and another observation to give you from cedar island. This is a graph showing the water level. We've been worried about storm surge water coming ashore to as much as maybe seven eleven to eleven feet. This is the graph. What's going on at cedar island? You can see the rapid rise in the last couple of hours. Normal play as. Came through push the water way up four feet above ground level, normal ground level. How great at is the risk from flash flooding storm surges right now you've been talking about the surges. Of course is the problem right along the coast. We also have the issue with with the rainfall and. See that here. Now, we have a large area have been talking about now for several days. Big concern, higher state of North Carolina is going to be receiving close to five to ten inches or more. We can see the higher contours here. Fifteen to twenty locally forty inches of rain and also much of South Carolina's gonna see that same rain. So if you had one isolated area with a little bit about with that water, you can all drain off. Unfortunately, we've got a two to three state area that's gonna receive five to ten inches or more. And that's why we fear it's potentially catastrophic catastrophic day that Rappaport. Thanks very much for all the important work. You guys are doing over there. We really appreciate it. So you can hear there about these new numbers talking as inches of rain up to forty inches of rain. We're.

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