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She paused. But she didn't stop going for the feeder. And I just thought, no, this isn't going to happen. You know that teacher voice is effective. Debbie says she could see it was a mama bear and she could see a cub in the bushes below. You know, they don't want us. They don't want to eat me. They don't want to eat us. They just want their food. So show them all, find yourself a teacher voice. Well, last year, Debbie says she saw a mama bear and her three cubs in that area, but she says this close encounter was a once in a lifetime experience. That's pretty good. She has, I don't know if she's really a teacher, but she's got she's got to teach her voice. Do we all do we all not know that voice? That voice will stop. Get out from there. Your tracks. There it is. Get down, get down from there, right now. Go, go, go. Go. I didn't know. I didn't have that kind of a mom, and I wasn't that kind of a mom. Did any of you have that kind of a mile? Yes, I have that kind of a mom. Yeah. You know, I have never met your mother, but from your descriptions, I could see her with that voice. My mother was much softer than that. I don't think razor voiced that way. Now, my mother was the one that would clench your teeth together and as she's going, it's just like and I'm so sick of you kids not doing anything and I told her to dump. There's dump. And we've been all going to get another wave, here comes all the rampage. But can you hear that teacher voice like you're all lined up and you're going from the classroom to the cafeteria and you're poking the kid in front of you? Anybody stuck and then she comes on with that voice from there talking no talking. Get down. Get down from there right now. Go. Go. Go, go. Pocket down for my. Listen. Good lord. My mom did not have a teacher voice. My mom would be standing in the living room, listening to The Beatles or something on the record player. Smoking a cigarette looking out the window. And instead of the teacher voice, you kids are a disappointment. This is what we would get. Should we take a long drag on her smoke, blow the smoke out and say, sherry, marriage is not what you think it is. You know what I thought you were going to say? I thought you were going to say, that's when she would call her husband and say, we have a visitor outside. Could you deal with it, please? Sure. Oh, no. Oh no. My father didn't deal with anything. No. My mother would catch me to lie. And then she would say this. A liar and a thief go together. And all of a sudden I'd go, what? Now I'm stealing things, too? Just because I told some lie about something in school, but you remembered that line. You remembered that line. That sank in. Yeah, that was effective on her part. All right, if you're going to the mountains, be careful. It's scary out there, evidently. It's bob and sherry. At the pop and cherry show, we love celebrating anniversaries. But there is one anniversary that makes us cringe just a little. Everyone in the pool. That time you accidentally put an SUV into a swimming pool. We're celebrating the anniversary of us putting an SUV in the pool during one of our RV crazy tours. And to commemorate that, we're selling tank tops and t-shirts with a picture of the SUV in the pool to get yours, just go to bob and sherry dot com. Hit the shop tab. You'll make a splash. With a Bobb and cherry SUV in the pool tank top or T-shirt. From bob and sherry, bring whatever you drink and celebrate happy hour. 7 VM eastern live on the bob and sherry Facebook page. Tonight, it's bob and sherry. So I was just sitting here thinking that lady using her teacher voice to scare the bear away. And I think Doc's going to post that up on our Facebook. If you want to see that story, when we first moved out west when I was a little kid, my parents rented a house. We lived in a valley outside of Jackson hole. And it was everything was super duper rural, and they rented a house on the main road that ran through the valley with no neighbors anywhere in sight. There were no other kids to play with. It was just our House and some fields and a barn and the bridger teton national forest and mysterious lights in the sky, which is probably where I got fixated on aliens. And so the first time that my grandmother, my dad's mother, and his sister came to visit us, was a really big deal because they were born and raised in Philly, and they were city people. They had never my grandmother's idea of a trip to the country, was to drive to cape May because that beach was a little less populated than wild border Atlantic City, right? They had no experience of the wilderness, the country, rural, anything. And so they come out to visit and it was probably late September. It was before winter really kicks in because winter and Wyoming back then started before Halloween. So they're visiting and the house that my parents ran it. It was a really cool house. It had a wrap around ports, which is kind of unusual for the west, but it had this wrap around porch and windows that it was really, really nice. And so my grandmother and my aunt are there. And they're all excited to have their cowboy adventure because they've never been out of the big city before. And one of my dad's coworkers, my dad was working as a ranch hand, you know, because he wanted to be a cowboy when he grew up. And so he waited till he had a wife and three small kids, and then moved us to the middle of nowhere so that he could live out his dream. So he gets a job working as a ranch hand. And my dad looked like one of the extras in The Sopranos, so I'm sure that the day he showed up on horseback was a really fun day for the his fellow cowboys. Anyway, one of his ranch hand coworkers knows from my dad that the city folks are visiting. They've never been out of Philadelphia before and this is like a really big deal. So it's nighttime and everyone's in the living room. And the kids had gone to bed. So I only know this story from being told it because I was in bed. And this ranch hand Danny decides to play a little prank on my grandmother and my aunt. So he comes to the house, tiptoes up, and he looks in, climbs up onto the porch and he looks in the window and he sees my parents, my grandmother and my aunt, sitting around the living room talking. And he goes back to his truck and in the back of his truck, he has a taxidermied moose head. The bullwinkle. So he creeps back up onto the porch and he takes the moose head and he lifts it up. So the moose is peeking in the window. And it just breaks. He waits. And then my grandmother looks up and he moves the moose head away. And he sees that she's like, did I see something? And then really slowly the moose peaks back around and then pulls away. My grandmother lets out a scream, my aunt lets out a scream at that point. The guy, and I don't even know how heavy a taxidermy moose head would be. It was huge. The guy now, as quietly as he can, runs the length of the porch, holding the moose head up to the window. So it looks like this crazy glassy dead eyed moose is going 50 miles an hour through the porch. My grandmother, my aunt is on the couch screams, jumped up on the couch like she'd seen a mouse, screaming. My grandmother, oh, Jesus, Mary and the saints. We're gonna be killed. By a taxidermied moose head. My father flips on the porch lit, goes outside. The guy is collapsed, he's crying laughing so hard.

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