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No no no. It's who he divorced his his longtime wife four is a who. He's got a relationship with this other lady now but i'm so impressed that he went for a fifty year old lady but she's not quite she's a banger put together. Yeah again. yeah wow. Let's see another fun. That i've done like the joke to somebody like i met a couple of people in wheelchairs after After shows yeah. And i'll be like They'll say something. I'll be like. Hey man if you if you're trying to want you stand up you're going to talk to me and they'll be like Okay cancel or i'll I'll challenge do a race. You want race. it's fun you know. They can't run. It's a fun fun. Can you make girly nine. She's gorgeous still to this guy. He's an older guy right freaks. Yeah scared. I don't know who this is but i like him money. He looks like yeah. You know it's a wealthy guy. Yeah to him like you know those linens walking down the street barefoot. Our thousand dollar shoes. Strange In my salon screenwriter. Ed solomon okay as a screenwriter. All right he looks like a larry. David a little when and the attire. Oh yeah he's a little more blessed in the face though. I would say sure. An harry's got a lot of hair sheesh. he's so happy to be there so happy. He's just like used me as a toilet. He selects great. Use the toilet. I'm sure it's what he's saying. You think he wants our her to pee on his face core. Every guy does every guy. Does they see pauline. They go there. You're in yes it is sterile. You can drink it and everybody wants it. Paulina's she's so gorgeous. Remember back in the day the eighties nineties. She was so gorgeous. Country looks incredibly wellings zinc. Oh yeah that's genetics. Probably but you don't wanna be that attractive. I argue that it's too much too much because they need the pressure to maintain it. That's the thing the only the ones where it's really natural like were they really are. I mean she didn't adding yeah. Yeah yeah i mean going back. Genetics are just wild I mean she's no the other one didn't age at all. I think i've said it before. Christy turlington christy turlington liberty turlington. Like being a kid. And it's like all these years later it's genetic but if you look at her now. She looks exactly like her heyday prime stunning crying out loud. I mean she doesn't look right. The news it's wild. And cindy crawford to and her kids actually really cute. We'll know he got a face tattoo but before that. Oh my god. He was modeling for gucci. Or some shit. i mean. She's stunning i. Of course now. They are freaks freaks. But you know everybody's beautiful now right. Nope that's one thing i love that. He's got beautiful. The modeling lane model. And you're like you do you. Not what are you model for the fucking vet. 'cause you don't look like a human model you know. I agree and i look. Instagram model is legit. And you can make a lot of money. Sure but i unless a company hires you. That's the thing if you post a picture that someone took a picture someone said yeah. I mean that everybody is a model. Yeah mean modeling are you. Are you a sex feet taller. Five six. I think your modeling career is over like. Let's let's be realistic here. I know especially the really miles. It really pissed me off. Marginally attractive models. I you have no clear like real gifts. You know like you're like okay you have a somewhat symmetrical face. You're not fucking mum. No get out. But now you can't say that now you have to say that everybody's beautiful and you can be weird looking. I mean i don't mind all these people are in like this is like this is interesting to look at. It's not be. This is not what i'm talking. I'm talking about people who are you. Would you would like. Yeah that person's attractive but like the audacity of you to be like. I'm a model your marginally attractive you know. I know you're talking about in la la seven. Yeah exactly like year in la. You're still good for la right. Like i'm not gonna spit on you if it's a blind date and you show up right. Let's not act like you're a fucking ten. You're not in la or or new york ten. I go even bigger. Because i would say i would argue. That new york city has even more. The women are look. There's the fast la we've got people that are like personal trainers who also are very attractive. But they're not exactly a lot of personal trainers sweat themselves. You know why they got the bod not such. That's much in the face you go. You got a great body. You should pray a little more. Maybe the man upstairs a blessing. That's so true. I went to high school with a girl who claimed she was a model too but the face was like palsy. Or is this your first. Because you're a fucking basset hound sadness you know her to. I know you're talking. I mean now but she so her face was like a six. The body was like an eight or nine and those are amazing. And but you don't have it. It's not a it's not a mile. I remember back then. They made their called said cards. And they have like your shots and and and she wouldn't be the person to jesuit to go. Look at your body. Look at your body. Don't use wish you had a different face. Body will because i'll tell you even okay philosophy. Right they discuss. What is what is beauty and symmetry is beauty aesthetics right. When you look at somebody's face they say that symmetry is what creates beauty and that's just a genetic. Throw the dice dude so to say that you know everybody is everyone. Is you know dude. There are some people born who are especially born and the arab before plastic surgery. You get a bitch like farah faucet or sophia loren. I'm saying that brigitte bardot. These women were stunning. Even sean connery. who just passed away recently. That's natural bra. That's untouched okay. Right this is real. This bitch was born looking gorgeous. Yeah that's true. that's this is the same. You see the same parallel in athletics. Actually you remember when krista stephanos here and he chrissy went to like that basketball camp in jim boeheim was like got a division one shot and a d three body. It's like it's it's just it is what it is like Like same like i was you know. I play d. One football. I wish i could have it the the physique and of the body and then you see that in sports all the time you see if you watch like hard knocks the. Hbo show these guys are like top tier college players. Go the nfl and they're just like us. Don't have it man. it's so true you're you're like you don't have great lateral movement in your hips. It's just not nothing you can do. You can do. But that's life is competitive. Life is about finding what you're good at. There's so much shit. I can't do not play an instrument. I can't move. Well can't do math. i can't. I can barely do anything and barely can do. I can do this this. I can talk to this sitting down. I have such a small skills that so incredibly narrow opened the show. We fucking second. Tim something light and fun to get a start ready we go. Oh.

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