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Do you think about it final thoughts gentlemen oversee what about roy moore boss i'm markus in about stevie watching live play that was that was positively scary if you had one of those things what does things go gam the blood pressure pressure measuring technical oh goodness liverpool wet through because i'm not sure we have not town like a bad offering would it be very difficult i'm not sure any of us would have survived could've come with yeah everybody espn fc redundancy strange tomorrow we'll be talking more champions until then goodbye welcome to extra time gobs air even i'd like to back if i may to december the seven two thousand seventeen fish tweet was sent to steve nicol we'll stay come to extra time zone if champions let's see steve's response there uhhuh up oh fill the from when can we expect today's stadiums alright was giving top two more solid to hate shay with burley is related that makes this show exactly savior of no idea nope until twenty minutes ago when the responses to twins of the semper two days ago appropriate updated handler zoya causton.

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