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Gail perceive yo is a paris based plus size fashion blogger and she is one of the spokespersons of the body positive movement in france and the crater up. The french curves challenge a monthly outfit challenged. They brings together french-speaking blog. I in march two thousand seventeen. She launched ib yola the first line of plus size clothing in wax and recently released her first book proud to be myself about her path to self acceptance and we are so excited to have her on the show today. Less welcome gail. Hey hey no cities how are you. I'm good now. I apologize for probably mispronouncing everything. Tell us how you correctly. Say your name. So they've been getting don't you and you can't simply thank you. It's okay and grown. It'd be noah got it. So where are you confident rolling up or was that something you had to grow into as an adult. Oh i had to learn how to how to be confident Even if as a child i used to be a ways Happy and varying from what my mom and her sisters say. But i feel like growing up I i started having no self-esteem so i had to learn again. So what were you doing prior to becoming a fashion blogger. I used to you know I was born and raised in. The guy was we got and I arrived in france. When i was eighteen to know and then i worked in human resources And during my says use as pets in my glove so when I spend maybe false five years in human resources. I said like. I wanted to do something. From my blood and leave from the blog actually say decided to suck everything and they stopped blogging for a personality. Now i read somewhere that you are a lawyer. Do you still practice law now or you are a influence or full-time yes. I died and i was so sometimes. I say that the lawyer. Because i advocate for certain and say we made so you say that i'm using the man from from low squeeze right now. How did you discover the plus size community in the first place to get active I discovered the precise.

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