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Up, does it go? Xavier dot com slash junior musketeers Doors ever started really slow all offensively, They're now starting to get their sea legs underneath them. Made four of their last five field goals. Courtesy of Kiki Tandy has been really good off the bench. He's got five points. He's only played a couple minutes. Free throw was on the way from the big, soft, more Barranco and it is good. That's his first point of the ball game that will expand the lead to 25 19. Pinkney bed free throws on the way way as good as the first one up, but that on both those 26 19 Leave for Toledo 7 21 to play Xavier starts the weed on the perimeter. We've on the perimeter against a man to man defense. Scruggs dribbles in the lane spins bounces down low for gripping through his hands and out of bounds. That's a turnover. Well, that is a tough pass. Where Paul Scruggs tries to drop it off to Griffin. It's just not enough room to make that pass. Joe didn't give Griffin enough room to catch it cleanly. It was a defender between the two of them. Jackson, working along the left sideline, spins into the paint, picks it back outside to drive to the free throw line. The scoop shot on the way. No good rebound battle for we got a foul against Toledo rocket. It looks as though that will be against Barranco. He pick up his first foul the ball game. That is the fourth team foul on the way those Avery's been called for 6000 his ball game. 6 54 to go 26 19 Xavier needs of flurries of three My opinion Baron agree. Don't really have a presence established inside yours yet owed him out between the circles. Two steps behind the three point line. Johnson with the basketball Griffin rotated right side of the Florida Oldham. Toto pulls up for a two point shot in and out. No good. Just inside the three point line from the right side Rebound flipped out for the right corner was caught by Jackson Jackson brings it across the timeline. The point got up, operating with a low drivel gives it up. Side, another right back to Jackson. He's a martyr by Carter Jackson trying to drive on Carter Carter doing a good job, keeping their front of him into the Lopo, Moroccan with basketball turns and shoots and scores. He has four points off the bench. He's seeing his First minutes of the season, and he's having an impact. 6 FT. 10 £225 off more 28 to 19 Leo want to Carter left side of the force Grudge catches turned, shoots a three minutes long rebound taken by McCracken. Right in the back plans and roll off on the right side. That rebound was fielded off abounds. Jackson dribble to the right elbow kicks it out of the corner, little sin with her back to Jackson, the right corner. He catches shoots and fires on the three. No good Carter with a rebound for the Musketeers. Oh my goodness. Paul Scruggs in Jackson. Alive. I mean, they have a collision. Passed from quarter Paul Scrubs, Jackson thought he could jump in and grab it. And he did so. Tried to do that. Never ring never got there. Nearly quickly. Enough Scrunch cottage in turn. I mean, they just collided. Jackson got the worst that he went right to the floor. Paul Scruggs Gonna literally just It didn't affect it nearly as much safer with the smaller lineup now with Oldham and Tandy in the backcourt, along with Scruggs, Jason Carter and Brian Griffin. Drive down the lane Biodome Griffin on the left block. He rises up James at home with two hands. Xavier trails 28 21 right in the right his mouth there. Just got posterized bronze top of the key into the high post of McCracken back to Rollins. He's driving left side of the floor gets the ramming and he shot has been tested by Carter. He misses it comes down with the rebound. Rollins does, but he's stripped up Biodome in the hands of Scruggs, one on three finds a trailer. Tandy hangs near scores for Tuesday If you're on a four point run Really 28 2 23 Xavier going from defense to offense in the blink of an eye there. Don't bring good defense, turning that turnover into a point off turn over. Ones with it right point. Still comes over little sing along the left sideline dribbles to the top of the key fakes a handoff, 10 turned worlds and fires a three from the right point. It's no good rebound taken by Carter for 33 to go. Xavier with Pandey between the legs dribble, working outside on the right side jumps for three pointer and it's off. The irony, literally just jump into that shot. Rebound taken by quarter to the free throw line drugs working with the ball on the west side of the floor. Out. Told him. He drives the lane. Hang shoots and scores on to. He just took him right down the right side of the lane between the leg maneuver, then drove it down the right side. Little jump stop! Kiss off the glass, and Xavier has pulled within three, trailing 28 25. Modem, Sean that athletic bounce off the dribble, crack and sets a screen for Rollins. He takes a top of the key back the Littles. Little since stumbles and falls and falls taken away by Paul Scrubs. Under intense pressure spreads across the time line, Jaeger picking up the temple's frog scrubs attacking to the elbow spends online fades on a five Twitter drinking. They just pulled within 1 28 27 Paul Scruggs with a great defensive.

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