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But also, I think like really clean flavors and just showcasing the vegetables for themselves, and adding maybe a little bit of spice or heat here and there, but you know, I've said this two minutes like when people are making these recipes like I kind of want them to lose a pound or two as well like feel nourished, but also like should be. This is Phil plans, you're on a plan mind, body and soul. Yeah. Exactly. Yes. So let's go to one of the one of the vegetarian dishes in the plan that I think people are going to be really psyched on it's a spicy mushroom lar. And so large something if you're not familiar usually made with grown meat ground meat of of any kind. But this year Andy developed one made with mushrooms, and I swear to God at tastes like there's meat in it. And I need to know the secret behind this dish. I haven't cooked yet myself. So Andy Lee just walk us through. How this makes that magic happen? I swear maybe I'm wrong. But I feel like I thought of this recipe. I dunno between like one in three in the morning when I was watching whatever on YouTube, and then I feel like I message you the next day or something or Email your slack do and as we should do it mushroom larva. And then eventually ended up in the field good food plan and really this. I don't feel like this. Recipes that different from a lot of other lar- breastfeeds, you'll see except there's no meet the big thing is you're using mushrooms. And this case, you didn't talk mushrooms, and you just kind of finally chopped them after small you could just quarter them but about half inch pieces. And then you give them like you cook them hard in a Skillet with some oil into they kind of become like, golden Brown and really crispy. And that's the secret to getting a lot of flavor out of them. Right. It's getting them Brown noth-. So you gotta make sure you take him far enough foreign of Brown enough. And also, you you don't wanna shake them. Especially in the beginning. You want them to kind of release their water, and then just so they can get crisper on the edges, and then once you get to the mushrooms in a good place. That's when you kind of address Maddox and happens really really quickly. That's why should have all the ingredients. Kind of ready to go a museum plus out and then once.

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