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We call it spans and sprint every few spin spaniel create a new committee which kind of the blogs hope that makes sense like. There's a lot of detail in that. But yeah i hope it makes sense so just to recap the the valid or set is validating the ps and. Then there's a a random subset of these. Valid ears are executing the smart contract logic What actually creating the blocks of the so there are. Two types of blocks are being created when he the jinn blocks which is being created by the committee. And then you have. This layer blocks which is which only has the data related to the validation of the latest blocks that were created and every thirty minutes the centers among them to widely contested among them create a checkpoint of all the transactions that have happened like all the blocks that have been produced and put it on tedium and then only they get sticking towards so what are the security trade offs of this approach. What what trust options as one half to have in the system when operating in this in this configuration so the trust as like if you are using be os then you are definitely trusting the if you're using us only if you're using plasma then because of this like the main thing is a men. As i'm sure that you are you're taking here. Is that that because the number of vendors is like really high and You know how to them randomly. Some of the leaders are being selected. And if you think of it now like those that committee that gets elected for us or sprint whatever like every six minutes that committees actually a committee of plasma operators right so they are running the plasma. I know for that particular damn there and they get keep getting shuffled right so that trusted them ten. Is that these having a large set of decentralized kind of operators you will have the availability and as far as you have the data availability. You will be able to if something goes wrong. If you're using plasma you will be able to exit to tedium. That's the main thing. And having that jane has more decentralized than ten consensus consensus and older like that a lot of leg you know liveliness like those kind of network requirements east to on the way and the beacon chain is launching next week does eat to change the development plans for in in any way in your hall holders matic fit into the broader each week with system as it as it develops so multiple multiple facets of this. The first and foremost it is that the what is launching is more or is like the deal of youtube channel. And the real like time where you will be able to execute your transactions or renew. Smart contracts on a shard would be is like fairly away. You know two to three years minimum. You know where you will have a usable chain like this is like the first phase of better process is fairly away and one has to see like you know in tedium. You must have seen that with alex. Grownups record layer idiom to map also right. So he'd like you have to keep in mind that he'd eat. Idiom is now a very decent community and you know there is no one roadmap for that. There's a layer to specific roadmap that is enough to bungee shedding a specific roadmap. Now even we didn't that what i believe is like let's do simple calculations for example right now leg idiom one has let's thirteen transactions per second. And you have. You're going to have sixty four yards do so and each shard will be like will closely resemble. Let's eat eastwood born judo. Currently even if you have maybe the of these genes will go from thirteen to fifteen p. b. s. Maybe let's whatever and indosat. Communication is even further it. Maybe like five years of. I don't know so each chain is basically tedium like for the next four years like if even if it then it will be like a group of independent jeans. You know having the same leg acting leg bridge and if you think that way you will start seeing matic architecture also similar like you. Don't the one side that i told you that the one. I missed that you know. The validated lear. Separation of hidden layer actually enables you to have multiple execution lives so on the team you know literally we can have tens and tens of chains running on top of it and then it will start pulling more closer to two point zero kind of system bed. You have multiple shots. Multiple chains Which are any tedium is kind of the beacon over there right so they're talking to them so but are coming back to the two hundred architecture so communication is going to be like even further away. Slow acting forty years or whatever. So what's going to happen. Is that you have you left sixty four shards and let's assume that even inter shark communication is also there in three years and you can assume all of this as dps and you know the smart contracts can interact with each other across different charts. Let's do more of that. Even then the megabucks like full capacity would be sixty four into. Let's say twenty thirty plus again. How do you like two thousand. And if you see that way lakers sixty four times extension of tedium one point zero or even hundred extension of diamant. Bongino simply defy will be able to eat. Eat up all of that bandwidth like the dow the like the government supply of this. Like you know it's like you have x. amount of supply of the transactions per second. Let's think of it. As a commodity that transactions protect guests basically but block. Let's say and you already have an day. Demand right and that too is like. Unsustainable demand speculative demand. Because you know you have ten dollars twenty dollar transaction being people because they are speculating but if it goes to the public and you know. The real lake Traditional public starts coming into it. You already are looking at like thousand force demand than what it what. What is their country. Not even thousand even more than that. But i'm saying that even with two hundred the moment it comes in the ban which will will get and zoomed very fast. And then again you will be no situation that where do these like large transactions gaming and all that empties and you know again a lot of social. Where do they go because only the eat. Two point zero the entire bandwidth easily by five. We are not even like the starting of the developed. The real big guns have not even traditional world have not even jumped into the field yet so that the long-term pieces for us is that layer to for anything. Like even if you had chain like solana or whatever like you know the teen was there and eventually they will also get exhausted and the ideal vehicle to have like one. Settlement layer like two zero and the business activity has non opinionated execution environment soap talking to a huge number of people who want to build our our building applications on blockchain's you know one thing is clear that there is no one one size fits all solution. They talk every you know every and debris reclined. Every business has their own needs on requirements esau you know having thinking of this intimately point or point zero as one opinionated life-form and everything on that does not make sense. So that's why we strongly believe. Rt says that there be one strong settlement and then did will be one like lear to or kind of non opinionated layer to kind of environment. Which kind of connects back to this. Central sediment layer which is a tedium in our opinion. And you know the business activity can happen too so even when he comes in nothing changes on our side. What we are doing keep doing that. Keep adding more and more to approaches and you know like would suit multiple different businesses. That makes sense and i think this the way to look at this as a multi. Blockchain ecosystem is what makes the most sense to me. I mean i've always been kind of.

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