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Good catches vais sponsored our conference. And also did the did the did the Recep. On Thursday evening. So the first night of the conference and people who eat tuna were eating their tuna. And we're just blown away. They've also got crab cakes. And they're going to be rolling out a bunch of other fish alternatives and two of the chefs behind that are Derek Sarno, and Chad Sarno who have also been advisers from from when we were first conceived super cool is there good catch products should be on the market certainly by the end of the year out for them. And they have a line of products in the UK to like, I was just in London, and you can go into their version of seven eleven have pre prepackaged healthy, sandwiches and things like that. That are all totally plant based. Yeah. Wicked healthy is the brand and they're going to be launching in the US a brand called wicked meaty, which is which is also something that new crop capital and the good food institutes working together. Cool. So if you can grow meat products in this fashion. And. From these cells, I would presume that you could also create cheese and dairy products as well true. What's going on there? So is there a cellular products, of course? So you go straight to the proteins rather than the cells, and that's actually quite a bit easier. So you're just isolate the proteins you do need to use genetic modification. So the final product is not GMO, but there is a GMO process. So you can take a GMO yeast or a GMO bacteria, and you get whatever the proteins are that you want the east or the bacteria to grow and you program that directly into the east, and how comes and it's genetically identical thing so you can create cheese or milk or egg, proteins eggs, and Milken cheese are pretty complex. But once you actually have the key proteins that give it the binding or give it the flavor that give it the, you know, whatever it is that you like about cheese or milk or eggs. It's probably going to be an easier process than meat. Although it is the case that there are far fewer companies doing it. So. The absolute leader in dairy is a company called perfect day, which is being funded by the richest guy in Asia guy, named Li Ka-shing who has venture capital fund called horizons ventures, and he's the money behind horizons ventures, the main egged company as a company called Clara foods, and then there's also a gelatin company called shelter. The world is getting crazy, Bruce. It is getting crazy. We we really think there should be a lot more plant base meat and evasion. So plant based meat companies that are focused on bio mimicry that are focused on food tech like good catch is phenomenal company company. And they're doing a great job with tuna. They're mostly focused on culinary. I think their slogan something like chef mastered. I can't remember exactly, but they really focus on sort of chef side of things, and that's exciting. But there is a tremendous amount that could be done with food tech, and some people I think maybe the that impossible and beyond meat have that Qurna. They absolutely don't it's still a third of one percent of the market. So we would like to see a lot more companies saying, let's see what happens if we use Lupu. Let's see what happens if we use chickpeas. Let's see what happens if we use millet, and like all of these under explored proteins and turn that into plant basement. Yeah. And the plant based dairy market cap is massive. Oh, yeah. It's interesting plant based area has just surpassed thirteen percent of the dairy market. It was ten percent. I think two years ago..

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