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Lanka boosted the bottom of the hour. One thing I had my notes today you called a lot of his games 22 years ago. Today, the words traded with Charles Frere it'll the mix for John Starks, Chris Mills and Terry Cummings. Spree. Yeah, that was after I put a little mustard Must have Ah, e remember the trust very well. Very, very well from when he was drafted. And you know, when he came into the N b A. I thought he was the next er done. He couldn't score you could he could lock you up and right away. He was gonna be a Tremendous defensive player in the NBA, but his athleticism I He's a lot to me like in a Guard version more of it straight to of Kalai, Leonard. Where he didn't know the code. I would be this good offensively. Spree. I mean, right away, is a rookie. He averaged 15 points a game. What happened? Was he you know, he got and Chris Webber side of the locker room. And you know what? Hardaway tours a CL They decided together. And I lost that team. You know, it just became Hueber and spree. Well, and you know, on the other side was the rest of the guys. Molly and Tim was hurt. Mitch was already traded and It was. He was just, you know, you're talking about Dan Campbell. The tough guy. The trust free Well, was a incredibly tough guy. And borderline insane. I remember he had One or two attack dogs. I think they were government ventures, Maybe Rottweilers. And the dog bit his daughter's ear off. And shoes, a child, just a baby, and it happened that day. We had a pre season game that night and he comes out. He's no layup line. I forgot where we were Stockton or somewhere. Could not believe he was in a play. I've ever say no, I'm you don't have to play this game to take the game off. And he just that steely eyed Look and He played and he even He was tough. He was a top player. And then you know, obviously what happened with PJ Carlesimo. When I was gone. That year, I was already in San Antonio. So I just heard the stories from PJ and mainly from ST And you know how insane he Woz, you know, coming up to saints office and just tipping things over and it got it got bad and then they wind up. You know, because of the situation with You know, after he got to know, with Carlos tomorrow, I'm going up the state's office and basically was gonna kill P. J was gonna kill him. And they, you know, so they always the figure $68 million. He didn't get paid. And it was. It was bad. He got suspended ports. Thank God and all that, and No, he wanted up getting traded, and he did well. He was a good player with the Knicks, where it went sideways for him was the end of his career in Minnesota. When Forget to figure remember, he told Glenn Taylor, the owner, the champ, You got it right here. It's hard to feed your family. How many million eight, so he's coming off of five and 62 with the Knicks gets traded to the Timberwolves. Hey, was offered an extension for three and 21 so he's coming off of 5 62 gets offered three and 21. And he says, quote. Why would I want to help them? Win a title? They're not doing anything for me. I'm at risk. I have a lot of risk here. I got my family to feed it was like, but the line was it's hard to feed your family. I like 18 Million or whatever. It was three and 21. Yeah. So Yeah, he, uh And what was the he was in an ad? Uh, he was well after a lot of a couple of years ago, and he was key Got really heavy, didn't you? Yeah, It was a lot of what was that? What was that company was he was doing ads. We like walk by and he ate like somebody's french fries off the table or something. I don't remember. Exactly Remember. He was an idea that he was really He was really heavy. You got heavy. Oh, yeah. What was that? Oh, no, I can't remember. No idea what all this It was like. Is that literal spree? Well, like you just came out of nowhere. Right? It was like the trail spree. Well, commercial for Priceline. Was that one? The one? Yeah. That must have been it. But he got he got huge that you fire this up. Yeah. So anyway, he was, You know, terrific player. He really was. Yeah, I think it was. You know what else? I remember him when he was when Michael was out of the league. People started calling spree. Well, man, he was Mitch, but they referred to spree. Well, if somebody told spree Michael that spree Wells, the best to guard in the NBA. We were playing and, uh Two games, won one game again Chicago in San Jose. We're playing it safe to say that one year He showed up like 45 minutes late for the game. He walked in. Rick Adelman was a coach, and the score was like 28 before something Chicago. It's like spring. Where the hell you ban In a game may have tipped off. It may have been on national TV and you know he's got caught in traffic, like really, and he walked into the game. He Adelman never even saw because I could see him coming through the tunnel. And he just basically checked himself in the game. It was like, what do you doing? You're the head coach, and he shows up late. You may not know how to play the whole game and you're getting rolled anyway, so you may want to hold him out. But he was just out of control and one game. Michael had it out for him. And from the opening tip. Michael went to get him. You know what Michael would hike up his shorts real hide and get low on the ground and touch. The floor. Defensively is like, Oh, here it comes. The Dover man. He's gonna be out here all day. And I never turning of Arnett in a commercial, and I said, What did spree will do to piss off Michael Jordan. He locked him obligated. He did not Scott. He scored the whole game. It's got a head like 24 in the first half. Michael didn't even teach him score his guy his whole thing. Was just shut down spree well spree well, did not have a basket until literally seconds to go in the first half, he caught an air ball. You know the old line about air balls go to the offense. It was an air ball shot. He caught it and laid it in at like at the horn to end the first half, and that was the only basket. He scored the first half. For some reason, Michael coming out of the you know, two years away, playing Baseball something somebody said something that's very well said or something, and it just pissed him off. And he completely shut spree out. Just wouldn't let him breathe. Yeah, that would not be good. That was it. Every single time Something happened and then he was like, Okay, I got my motivation for tonight. He was unbelievable in there. I usually drop 50 on you Miss game would not. He didn't want to score. Let's Scotty score that night. He just would not. He climbed in spree Wells Jersey like, what is he doing? It was incredible when you wanted the guard like that. He was the best. All right, Caboose pistol time We'll do it coming up national here on the sports later. 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