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All dog lovers know about the special bond that develops between canine nine and its master. Scientists don't fully understand why dogs are so loyal and loving to their human caretakers. But they know that these social bonds a key to a young dogs development Luca a bomb sniffer for the US Marines. Shed a special love with two different trainers. Each master changed her and intern. Luca transformed both of them forever. She met her first partner. Marine Chris Willingham in the spring of two thousand six the two year old Belgium maller Wa German shepherd mix was fresh out of basic obedience training and ready to learn all about bomb-sniffing duties. Chris was immediately struck by Lucas clear shop gates. She looked tim up and down which he interpreted as curiosity and intelligence. Although she obediently sat still he could see how how she thrums with energy. Chris was immediately taken with the dog. He dubbed Mama Luka and Luke Cabrera from that first first fateful meeting. Chris began what he called the best job in the world every day. He practiced with Luca from the outside. Best best sessions might have looked like playtime but in reality. Chris was laying the groundwork for a bond between trainer and Canine bomb-sniffing dogs see their duties like a game of hide-and-seek if they find a special hidden item they get a toy. A train might behind an object. That smells like bomb making chemicals and stash it near something tempting like discarded food if the dog is able to focus on their mission and avoid. Avoid the distraction. They're rewarded with a place session. But in the real world there are usually multiple I e D's hidden in a small area area. A bomb sniffing dog needs to find that target get their rewards and then get right back to work to emulate this experience trainers get. The dogs used to only playing for a minute or two then resuming their hunt. At first Lucas problem was that she liked her prizes. Too much. Once had toys came out she couldn't be bothered to return it or hunt for any more chemicals sensitive objects so. Chris had to adapt his tactics. Chris knew that Luke loved rubber. Treat Phil Chew Toys called Calms. So he began bringing Tutu each training session instead of just one. Once Luca found her first practice bomb he would throw a calling for Luca Chase. She'd fetch it. Chew for a minute and then Chris with throat the second another race would ensue off to which he throws the original again. Not only was the extended did fetch session fun. It was exactly what Luca needed to keep her motivation up when her rewards were bigger she was more willing to Focus Gazon her tasks. Once Chris finally took the Kong's back she excelled. Chris believed she was the best in her class. The anecdote highlighted the importance of forging. A strong connection between trainer and dog. Luke responded positively to longer play sessions but another canine might have needed a different incentive. It was Chris Responsibility to understand Lucas Personality and adapt his style oil.

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