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The scum the so as yup why that was decades from matthew good news banned there performing live in acute music studio dstld like if these still like reading music doubt yeah yeah absolutely is that the thing you like the most i do i do i do it i can sit down with absolutely anything and just something will come to mind and to use that anything is a creative tool to find something three there is no bring this up is because i i often wonder about this intersection that you brought up in the past between creating things creating art and and mental illness and you've talked in the past about struggling with with bipolar disorder yeah and i've often wondered whether the actual creation of art or what you have to do a rounded coming here and talk to me uh tour on a bus or torrent advan for for months at a time does that exacerbate what's already there it can yeah i mean i mean i i remember in the early nineties being in some small cafe gold comeback city razor pretty much throw myself in front of a bus really and just had been you know i mean back then right you're in a van sixteen shows in eroded winnipeg from vancouver sleep in the vanity gas stations don't shower for eight days you know if you can but yeah i think we adjust dipped into upstate new york and we'd come back in indika bakken um yeah i was done and it was funny because i just to go up panin narrowed lurks everything's automatic kind of their so there's dad aspect to it.

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