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Was all very impressed with olefin it just very entertaining was very entertainer that's went on what what will get into a little bit more like um i'm being some publicity will show every single morning now uh but i'm also exposed would i'm here watching it if you never hear that would be very very entertaining yet who was entertain for me and i've i'm around it all the time i walked in there i again and there were asked anybody with about had no idea what was going to that's the best way 'cause you're you have no expectation yet but i was just i was throwing press it was just it was well done and probably the person that the that needs to get more credit than they do is is joseph pat pat oh yeah a lot of that is hidden eyes a play all that stuff together yes a lot of that is him um you know i am mike smart enough to have pap out there to make him look good mitterrand's himself with the best people's smart it's a smart features door and but i won hustle and bustle myself and i'm trying to get something done yes i mean every nobody here one be involved with it yolk o'cuiv tom trying to get a music festival ongoing yes already have a location at show ball at the a driving rain which wouldn't think but year or two drinks with perfect massive amounts massive in is not an unfair we could park on the driving rain gm had the okay yep so nobody has to walk far note we have all that room so now it's about putting all our at he's this together i sat down yesterday with my boyd bk member bk yes the saxophonist a came gin noble crossed out of opium three that's talent load okay towns i i'm the where he's beyond owing insane okay okay dow certain things you could say to yourself various her like a suddenly says the work of football player almost like i don't know but i blockage white cut a it accounted jeffey the nfl that fellow legal thank you justifies he played with prince yup up the sinister duck of sector nice job done on moving a.

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