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Has been asked to start producing ventilators by president trump would vote a Korean War era law known as the defense production act that story and more at the top of the hour at nine fifty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fires and here is Barbara X. C. H. P. leaving silmar they couldn't find the car heading the wrong direction so good news if you're on the five north bound around Rockford but you might see a little activity going on through their that secular wrapped up in east LA's sixties found connectors to the seven ten north and south bound I've been blessed with an overturned vehicle they'll reopen the northbound connector sixty east and west connectors to the seven ten south bound are gonna stay close that's ongoing roadwork and that's plaguing you through the area south bound seven ten from the five thank you to write to Atlantic is where the right lane is taken out and she's got some problems now if you're trying to take the four oh five through Long Beach self employed could often get word of the crash in lane C. H. P. on the way to see what's going on there contact car sticking out into the right lane six oh five north bound for South Street as she had three three dose and indicted for another contact Kerr sixty eastbound connector to the fifty seven north down somebody helping it out and they're blocking up the right lane of that connector so keep your eyes open as she heads through the area you've got work in San demus fifty seven southbound connectors to the ten east and westbound are shut down and in Anaheim hills are working on a car over the side ninety one eastbound past imperial highway that ended up in the bushes your next report at ten OO five five Arbor principle or traffic reports are often can extend seventy newsradio it's nine fifty six the home is here to help we have many ways to.

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