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And let me introduce here james policies and about the i cannot maybe la show has many saints sola let me skip if somebody wants the this patmos i provide the later and then i walked on tier two o'clock am so the stimson center here in washington dc is hosting this forum on the north south korea summit c span radio live coverage of thank you give me twenty seconds more water thank you there are three main parts india south north korea summit i party is seeking for comprehensive and dramatic improvement and development of the relationship it in south san north korea there are one two three four five six you know deter ugliness and second second party is reduction of military tension and the removal of the worst measures sorry okay and also a very but there's we have to pay special northeast on north subtly changing arguments or maybe announcement they're saying voluntarily abandon their nuclear facilities but now they changed the deer communality a little bit different maybe just silly instead the amendment so this is a very important as the north korea may take kind of a salami tactics when he met the prison clinton anan.

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