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Uncle. Did six episodes twilight zone. Three episodes of perry mason. It was just amazing when you look at his. Imdb if he had just never did film work you know he would have been significant would have made the trifecta. Obviously you know superman alone makes him kind of an icon. I actually think of the screening to there's a purely decent amount that i think will be significant. Get some guesses out bob eleven. I'll go right half. You have a question. Are you counting his tv movies. I'm just doing films just charity. Portrait of teenage alcoholic is not going to make. The cut looks like linda blair's in that one. That was actually a pretty significant. Tv movie yeah. Can he's got a horse. Cyril look. it's my fault. Some of the kids got to drinking a little. And i well. I convince sarah to go along with the crowd. Sure did all right. Scott i was an episode of cannon once his bragging montage yes canon starring william conrad with guest stars after we go. Neil belinda j. Montgomery mike farrell special guest. Dr scott to episode stakeout to meet conrad. I didn't get to meet him up. Close he was more like about thirty yards or twenty yards away from me. Yeah i was. I was there. Raise your hand if you thought scott was talking about a whole movie when he said that i was in the background. So that would have been early. Seventies scott yeah we were in durango colorado on vacation and they were filming an episode of cannon there comedy. I'm gonna go fourteen and junior well. I could split the difference between you two. But i think i'm going to take the over at least until gary takes my over and i'm going to go fifteen gary twelve. I have seen that list. So i will not pick but i think you guys have low balled it so we'll see. Oh so you would have been above fifteen. Yes i would have. Wow all right. His first his direct optical directly. There's no way that's word the omen. Wow very i love the theme song. Bob does that. A little of that for damian omen that movie have some quality. Woo yes very damian damian..

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