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From the vr broncos list. It's not like he was saying they could be they would be but he's saying it's a possibility. Could this broncos defense this year the twenty twenty one version be better than the no fly zone. It seems like they're more complete as far as the depth chart is concerned. 'cause okay so you look at it and you've got you've got some really key players here on the defensive set ronald darby justice simmons cream jackson fuller Pat ser tan bryce callahan. These are all big time players and again we don't know how good patrick sudan's going to be but we hope he's. I mean everything's telling us right now that he is going to be the next big. It's champ bailey's birthday by the way so there's a connection for you champ bailey's birthday and we're talking about the secondary with this defense But don't get me wrong. Daring stewart. Tj ward keep to leave. Chris harris bradley roby. Those are all great. Now you're gonna have to leave as a hall of famer does he come close to I guess i don't know fuller. No to lead wins that battle. How about ronald darby verse. Chris harris all right. Now chris harris so you got your top two corners or winning that battle but bradley roby. Verse patrick tan. I'm already saying i'm gonna take patrick's tan dude. I know roby was good as nickel and dime guy. But i think towns gonna be with number one number. Two three can play all over the field. How about the safeties. Justin statements kareem jackson versus Darian stewart tj ward dude. I'm telling you justice as just got his contract. You got kareem. Jackson who i think is just an absolute monster. Tj ward at. His height was really good. I'm gonna take both safeties. Though over over stewart board at his at his peak was probably in that kareem jackson area. But i'm saying safeties you got.

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