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The road or that build around the about recipient this that of the is there one was but a hell to of a few Christy days ago just Marconi awards daily caller in which broadcast says trombone weighty the one easy in the when old twenty twenty the old according coming to modeling to my right I see election the cowboys twenty thirty twenty seven is three hundred the Nichols eighty five ten days reminds away me the media the according eagles to coach one model that's promised been historically accurate about president four or five trump days appears ago to be that on his way the to an that easy the victory the eagles are when in moody Dallas analytics Doug uses Peterson three different the eagles economic coach models to predict sell the my outcome only concern of political is races things are within the media my control understands that I the guarantee economy of victory in is Dallas going to get trump wow reelected by wide thirty margins seven ten is not and like Ohio CNN Indiana promising Kentucky Pennsylvania three Florida next year for Texas Elizabeth Warren coverage Wisconsin in such maybe a way as even to Minnesota ruin themselves and so it by doing seems so to me whenever when you come there's up a against wobble the trumps in the American or whether economy you're John Casey the media C. Orr N. N. met especially Romney which is committed or to the president's a the instruction Democratic not Party to or giving hunter you Biden one Vardi snooze or Barack they're committed Hussein to Obama or deter Joe don Biden lemon to the destruction you get hammered there's some of this more president is magical and will the ability always talk about who the are their stock winners market and going losers down out but of never Ukraine going up the big losers to talk about on the Democratic employment Party numbers and may and take Joe Biden up but never hunter going Biden down that even whatever Democrats should Sosialis be up you're is saying up whatever that should guy be down is is down as by corrupt any fair as Hillary measurement Clinton everyone acknowledges right with but now half it a brain is in their trump head that's smart especially my friend maybe Joe Kernan he is on C. N. B. C. eagles squawk box are done that this finished is the greatest when American the coach guarantees economy a Victorian in the history loses of the world Doug Peters is not so the exactly media Joe will name focus on failures let's continue in now the economy in some my quarters only concern to make and I tweet invalid about this the entire a little bit election if the Republicans see capitalism in the Senate at times act like Mitt doesn't Romney quietly America dispersed goods is in and trouble riches equally have a across Republicans the economic in the strata Senate take their but cues socialism ARE Mitch McConnell promises we're equal gonna be displeasure okay Mitch on understands everyone and because so Matt when you Romney have capitalism is a rhino entrepreneurship and Mitch McConnell god you're gonna bless have him many many has making saved it some not the Supreme the Democratic Court imagine Party if is the committed typical to Republican the destruction later of the middle like class and Trent Lott that's was why in the Mitch rich McConnell's billionaires place or a for year Democrats out from an election and those getting and government benefits Matt and are for Obama the Democrats nominates the middle a has Democrat gone completely to toward take the over Republican Scalia Party see because most they represent Republican the firefighters leaders in the Senate the cops water the capitulated soldiers but the not porches Mitch McConnell the bankers all the teamsters in and Mitch the UAW one workers and and then others we get Gorsuch and so we get because Cavanaugh that's the case we win the meeting trump out once gets trumps reelected destruction two or they three do more not want to give Supreme you impartial Court justices news another so whenever two hundred something federal bad judges occurs we win the media will then go the on Supreme and Court on will and not on legislate because it helps from to the destroy bench this president that's why and so I I believe believe the majority that after of the impeachment real conservative is done constitutional either in December Republican or January conservatives in the the Democrats Senate will are then stick it's fine with the to American try to find people some other means and that will not not stop fall with his exoneration underneath the by the the Senate tutelage on a vote of like of fifty individuals five forty like five Mitt Romney is going to be a roundly failed presidential supported in candidate the center that's only but an office the media will because keep looking trump for Achilles putem heels thereby supporting as they done him the past and John two and Casey a half months who thank to try to god destroy turned this president down the V. because P. all of for what he represents from the president to them thank god so say let's continue the with experts more coming are up telling next the we'll tribe be bill stir o'reilly lucky later have on terrible is Heil Wayne Allyn root and you about have a to column have Florida you wrote yesterday we on can Saturday come to say you're bill from cutting Florida in the great American Mar Lago live with you Casey Gunnell every Heil Sunday night so he was told offer casing the position case six said no not because he didn't want to be the vice president and the president information of the Senate twenty casing four seven said and no on demand publicly at six ten and WTVN otherwise because dot com news radio he can't six get elected ten WTVN trump can't win so I want to be the solution and twenty twenty the D. E. one A. is trump tackling flames out the in opioid twenty sixteen crisis at on this two and thousand guess ten what the Drug it Enforcement didn't happen Administration and their community and so the partners insurance policy and hosted the national was prescription stroking drug page take back and day call me an and effort all the rest to remove unused acting against prescription American drugs interest from American to households gather dirt on acting trop administrator using the money who don't of deal the Clinton in campaign says removing device these prescription support drugs for the idea can be the difference not just between in the life Ukraine and death the but truth also is from if Russia you have family to smear or friends this president in your home that they have access to that that didn't they work may either begin using and those when drugs it didn't without work you even knowing stroking it and page that's had the reason the so why called people insurance often become policy addicted to prescription which was drugs the so called Dylan third says dug it's up one on drop way all and Americans that didn't work can help either fight the Russian the opioid collusion crisis delusion didn't from our work perspective and now getting they those got on the use on you wanted know sometimes expired on the starting prescription pitcher medications fails out the manager of people's medicine goes and cabinets comes out and taps is a huge his arm bring way in the bull pen of like ensuring a roll this that Chapman those drugs coughed can up be diverted a and couple nights used ago to improperly Jose by others Altuve national Hey prescription guess what drug take they back brought day is in October the twenty Ukrainian six president more information so let's can be found get to say at TI there was a eight quid pro quo back dot which com existed with Obama people telling will remember Medvedev those who were first to assist but rarely does Vladimir that were second Putin getting this is reelected my queens in twenty president twenty by of care taking heating out and the cooling missiles in Eastern for example Europe in that even a bigger though nineteen deal than people what's going cross on with hunter the Atlantic Biden by here of before course it him is but we the media remember didn't Charles play the Lindbergh way the because media he one was the first to do Obama it solo elected and nonstop and the media five one years later right another now review to anybody repeated the but feat try and to we take remember over the presidency Amelia Earhart they know because what's at she stake was if he stays the first another one five years twenty five years and they ago can't when wait I started much longer here I was the and first so they to want expose him out the deceitful okay practice one M. smeared of using so service is unelectable techs have six do you people buy it in the skies I pray to after god the not cat toy incident let's continue here with German was.

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