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The Steve day show on Westwood One powered by crtv IM Steve dais Totten Aaron are here with me as well, and we would love it. If you join us Stephen, Steve day start com is the Email address. You can like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter at Steve dais show. Last name is spelled DAC. We had a little bit longer crtv showed today. We're just wrapped up production a little bit ago because we had some breaking news that came right as we were taping the show with the president's longtime private attorney. Michael Cohen surrendering today at the FBI and he will plead guilty to multiple charges in exchange for a plea bargain and assurance from him that he will assist investigators listening to say that has potential bombshell potential or maybe a dozen. So we're gonna have plenty of analysis. For you on that topic on the crtv show today. So if you're not yet a crtv subscriber and you want to know what we think about this because there's there's a couple of coincidences. I don't think it's any coincidence that this Cohen plea deal drops the drops today when it's it's, it's at least obvious. The modifier jury is struggling to come to a verdict at the very least. So Muller played his Trump card, no pun intended today. So if you want our analysis and you're not yet a crtv subscriber, we've got several different angles to this story that maybe some others of missed..

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