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News center, Microsoft hosted a visit by the first lady today, come komo's Charlie Harker reports from Redmond it's meant to promote online safety for children among other things. Microsoft employees showed her the parental controls feature that comes with windows and XBox is trying to. Trying to discover. Easier for people to find people to use the visit to Microsoft clocked in and a little more than an hour with the first lady heading back to Boeing field flying the Las Vegas for another part of the tour next time focusing on opioid abuse. In Redmond, Charlie Harger, KOMO news. Other cities use a signing bonus to attract police officers. So now the area's largest city wants to put some money on the table. More from komo's Ryan Harris retirements anti police rhetoric and a four year battle over a contract have made it tough to bring in enough new Seattle police officers. So the city council took up a plan for a fifteen thousand dollar bonus to any officer who wants to move from another department and seventy five hundred for new recruits sergeant Richaud Neal with the Seattle police killed says he's always seem the department as a model for other agencies which could be attractive, but there are some may not want to work under the strict guidelines that we have everything from body cameras dash cameras to their use it more reporting requirement. Both O'Neill says they need more officers on the street. So your calls to nine one one. Don't go on answered the council seems to agree because it voted seven to one to begin the bonus programme with Shamas Awad, the only no vote at Seattle city hall..

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