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Isn't in Evansville Indiana about twelve thirty this morning the Evansville purple aces arrive back on campus after beating number one Kentucky sixty seven sixty four on the road you have to understand Evansville's major Kentucky territory lots a U. K. fans there and that is a huge upset over the number one team in the country the team from the Missouri valley conference Evansville gets it done on the road sixty seven sixty four last night Mizzou lost in overtime at Xavier the number twenty one team sixty three fifty eight SLU place tonight all gets eastern Washington that one tips off at seven o'clock big news for the cardinals yesterday Mike Shilts named National League manager of the year off close race with the winds it over Greg council the brewers pride sticker of the Braves and then went on cable acts to say is just very surreal the whole the whole experience still probably hadn't said in but you know just so good to have you be you care about around you when you get the announcement to share that with them because that's ultimately what this is it's a shared award three managers of one nationally manager of the year in cardinals history or Whitey Herzog Tony la Russa and Mike shill Larissa by the way is on his way to the angels is going to become their senior adviser to baseball operations Adam Wayne rides coming back when right a one year deal worth five million dollars with incentives that could boost at another five million how's he feeling yeah I feel one hundred percent healthy I wouldn't even consider it you know if my arm was was hanging in the least bit or my elbow was bark in our any of that I I would have not even considered it I mean just a hundred percent truth post dispatch reporting the Yadier Molina wants to play beyond his contract which expires at the end of this coming season might wanna play through twenty twenty two Marcello's into getting attention from teams all over baseball in the free agent market including the Reds he is expected to turn down the one year qualifying offer from the cardinals the blues lost three two in overtime to the Arizona coyotes last night lost in a shoot outs their seven game winning streak comes to an end Major League Baseball is looking into the Houston Astros accusing them of science feeling in doing it electronically will have that story for eight.

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