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I thought he was tremendous. I think he absolutely deserves the nomination. I do not think Sasha baron Cohen could have done as well. He wouldn't have heart. That's for sure Sasha baron Cohen. I think would have traipsed into the territory you're talking about it with vice Fellag, it would have been an impression. Yeah. He would've figured out sort of character traits and mimic them, very well. But Rammie Malik the emotion. Was there the struggle of guy being gay and not being able to be? Openly gay because of his background and the time he was living in and his confusion and everything it was all there. He nailed this fucking part without Remmy Malik that would have been a bad movie. I agree. I mean, he held together a two and a half hour bio pic, really well. And you always sort of were able to believe you're watching one of the most charismatic people of all time. That's no small feat is a really good performance Willem Defoe in at eternity is gate. What not only have? I not seen it. I don't know anyone who's seen that movie with the fuck is that I believe he's playing Picasso. So that's a movie that I will never see. Although Julian Schnabel directed it who did. What's the one where the guy like paints with his mouth? That was a good diving bell and the butterfly that was a good movie, actually. And Juliette snob was a good director. But folks, I got no interest in another bio pic of a painter. I'll tell you that much watch up a CASA with the fo-. He's probably real crazy about the movies, so boring. It's like watching paint dry full. Next up is Bradley Cooper. And as Andrew dice clay said, hey, you know, maybe next year, you'll get some directing thing. Does she it's all about the acting? That's what you're known for be happy. Bradley Cooper is good in this movie. He is that picture makes me sick that the picture is why I'll never truly respect Bradley Cooper. I'm looking at a picture of him like biting, his fist like like blanche to Baugh are blanche Devereaux excuse me on the golden girls and staring off into space. The thinker isn't any like a pensive actor, and it's really gross. Fuck off hearing him and lady Gaga talk about acting and their connection and everything is pretty sickening. The truth is for a direct Oriel debut. It's a really well directed movie, I heard it was saved and editing. But regardless what's on the screen is great. And he's really good in it at some points..

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