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The left lane of route to West by Route 31 in Fitchburg. Everything's looking good north of the city. David struck Feli. No W B Z traffic on the three David, Let's check the four day Double D B Z AC UA the forecast with Carl Bobinsky today. Although Sun will mix with clouds, It'll still be pleasant this afternoon, the high around 80 in Boston. It'll be in the seventies and the beaches clear to partly cloudy tonight alot of 64 for tomorrow. Labor Day, mostly sunny the high 78, but it'll be in the low seventy's of the beaches. Tuesday warm and a bit more human with plenty of sun. The high 82 Wednesday will be rather cloudy, inhuman high 78, but showers and thunderstorms should hold off until later in the week are immaculate, the meteorologist car but Belinsky W. Visi Boston's news radio 62 degrees this morning in Lawrence 61 degrees In Braintree, Kingston at 68. And here in Boston, with partly cloudy skies were at 67 degrees at 7 55 on the Ring. Central News line is Jordan Rich. Welcome to the W V Z New England weekend. I'm Jordan Rich, The founder of Music drives US Ernie Bach Junior announces the single largest donation ever to Boston Public schools of instruments of music over 750 ukulele is given out to 3rd and 4th Grade students in over 45 Boston schools, Bernie We need music in our lives. And of course in our schools. This is a very worthwhile project. Music drives just completed their biggest funding in history. We could level with 760 instrument to the Boston school system,.

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