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So is our red bubble. You can contact us and stabbed dated you can angle set. Listen transitional jemele dot com. The spam has continued again which is fantastic with that. Spam wants to go into vote. It's back oiling. Comment on episode or message on a website. Lost and transitional dot com or. You can also live comment on the youtube version of this episode. Because that that's where i check. And i read out for the the questions. Part which is still postman pat. But it's not it's own segment so we also have blog post there. That's exciting and you can also follow transitional twitter and you can find some transitional time blah facebook instagram and youtube. You can also chat with us on the list and transactional discord serva-. It's a thing now and we have a discussion with the will and we have one on the digital summit at this well and if you wish to review also on any podcast catch the us that means that we can read out the review on the show. If i find it. But i find it you'll probably have let me know but if i do find it all read it out on the show. That'd be that'd be pretty exciting and pretty cool. You can also donate to my paycheck. Let's think inscription from as well as a month. And that gets you access to the patriots. Only areas of the discord server but there are high levels warlords such as an edited and early episodes and more so check that out. If you are interested and of course thank you to accountable as patriot. Joe stephen raise. Who's always on our cover on carta washy chainsaw. You can follow on twitter at chase. I twenty six near boo. Who says she should also follow chase. I on without cheese. I to six call lisbet. Who's like one or tumble nicholas..

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