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Twentyfive wanted vibrator after the hour coming up in a couple of minutes uh reloads arkhan with ferrari tax policy experts and law communications expert on how this tax bills going to get done uh today if not the first thing next week let's go to the phones barbara in baltimore good morning good morning at thanks for taking my call oh i just like to say something a about uh i'm orosa uh is a bit surprised today that after being taken into you know being a part of the administration it was surprising to me that i just have see or hear anything some her anymore and uh she's she's a narrative person well very proud personnel let's say past the hour it's not anything negative that i mean but she's sophisticated and all of that but i've got i've nearly spects it all morose uh to be like a lightning rod in the black community i thought she would be organizing um uh groups meetings and calling uh just being more out there with trying to implement all the education policy i just i that's what i expect this summer i really did because she has such a strong personality and not she just sort of made it into the whoop working i kinda see her you know because she wanted to have her wedding at the white house was general kelly wasn't having out of any of the you know you don't get your wedding at the white house and um i think sousse a little put out by that and then they had extended photos she was like thirty five people for that her you know for the photos full of weddings wedding party and all that sort of stuff so i think her role uh you know donald trump is from even from his apprentice show he used people things to do a lot of times you'll see what sales people for admission it and i think she she didn't have it you know was like a dilemma saying she like she drew others barbara she probably would want to do some of the things you just mentioned as far as the black community is concerned but.

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