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And colleagues would have Mayfair 88 half borough, sponsored by acting Your favorite local supermarket in Philadelphia's Premier African Art Gallery is closing after more than 30 years of business. Here's Caleb. You share a day, Howard The story. I love this little place kind of kept me going since 1988 Karen Riggs, founder of Tribal Home has been the go to curator of authentic African artifacts in Philadelphia from ceremonial wardrobes, fertility statues to masks. Riggs, also known for her lectures at museums, like the Barnes Foundation, made her little Old City gallery, a place of learning teaching the history and origins of African art. Tribal home has been around for 33 years. And so it is legendary. At this point, I was determined to be different in my gallery until offer the education, origins and cultural traditions and now feeling the stress of covert 19 on business and family responsibilities. After three decades on third Street and old City, Briggs says she's ready to bow out gracefully. I'm very up close and personal when it comes to teaching on effects and would have you so it's been a little odd for me wearing Mask trying to sell a mask. Riggs says she will continue guest speaking at the Barnes Foundation Charity, Howard K. Y W News radio that seems to be in short supply these days. Good news. Here's some whole Leo has been wiped out in Africa in what medical experts are hailing it as a major milestone. Nigeria the last country on the continent to be declared polio free. I took a huge effort to reach remote and dangerous regions under threat from Islamist violence, some health workers lost their lives. But now all the Children of Africa can live without fear of this incurable disease that can paralyze for life, but which a single vaccine can't prevent. Vicki Barker, CBS NEWS London Time for money news on K would've you let's go live to Bloomberg and sake an afternoon the Larry Karofsky Good afternoon, Michelle. The stock market appears headed for a mixed a higher finish with the S and P and NASDAQ on track for the third consecutive all time highs. The Dow is off its earlier lows, but still stuck in the.

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