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We all know you heard about the norm MacDonald fibrillation. Yes. Yes. He was. He essentially was saying in an interview with the Hollywood reporter that he had Louis CK. Call Roseanne Roseanne lost her show. They both saw their careers. Go up in smoke in a day. He said, you know, I know what people will say, but what about the victims to which norm Donald answered his own question saying, but they didn't have to deal with that meaning lose their career in a day. He went on to apologize for that saying, you know, I did not mean to defend any of their actions. They're both close friends of mine the tonight show and NBC cancelled his scheduled appearance. The result in sensitivity to their audience. I believe is how the statement was read and Howard Stern said, hey, you can come talk to me. Yes. And he'll also be on the view today. So you know, because he's got a show to promote. Okay. He's what he did was. He put out this apology. The initial apology. Said Roseanne and Louis have both been like you said very good friends of mine for years. They both made terrible mistakes. I would never defend their actions. If my words anytime you start with the F, the apology loses credibility, in my opinion. If my word sounded like I was minimizing the pain that they're victims feel to this day. I am deeply sorry. Okay. Now, the person in charge of the content officer at net flicks. Said you write your own apology? That was mistake. Number one. You know, you can't say if I am sorry. I offended you. I am sorry for saying something offensive, right? So now he went onto with Howard Stern. And he kind of described how he? How he ended up not being on the tonight show because Jimmy Fallon came up to him. This was after his apology and said, hey, man, how should we how should we play this and a norm MacDonald said, I think we should say it at the end because if you say, you know, I'm sorry at the beginning. You can't come back from that. So Jimmy goes off comes back, and he goes. I don't know. What to do? I've got all this pressure from people. There are people crying, and nor McDonald's like people are crying and Jimmy's like. Yeah. One of our senior producers is crying. They're very upset about this. So they decided to pull the plug and he said, listen, I don't want to hurt your shell. Let's just you know, let's just cancelled. So wow. Now after making after making that apology that we just described. He basically says to Howard Stern. I never defended Louis, and and Roseanne I am completely behind the metoo movement. Then he goes on to say you'd have to have down syndrome to not feel sorry for the victims. And whatever he said after that doesn't even matter because are you out of your mind? How did you do this? Again, naturally the arc which is an organization serving people with intellectual disabilities. Yeah. Just. They just can't believe in an attempt to explain his insensitivity towards me to he did it again. You know, and he said he chose to mock a group of people who have much greater understanding of victimization than he does. Well, said so now he's got you know, he's just he's got another apology to make. He's on thin ice here. Yeah. I don't know. I wonder if Netflix will because we're in an era where companies are not afraid to make decisions. Right. If they don't jibe with what you are saying. If there's any kind of potential negative backlash, and you know, listen, I let me just say this as an imperfect person I used to use the R word a lot when I was a kid. High school and stuff like that. And that's ignorance that's insurance. And then as I grew up and started to heavy widening understanding of a how hurtful words can be and the the beauty of people from all different walks of life. No matter if they look like you or different than you, whatever. Then there's a great book. Great great book reading list. It's called bloom finding.

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