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Governor Gavin Newsom. It's coming to an end. Voting concludes today. In the rare late summer election that's emerged as a national battlefront on issues from Covid 19 restrictions to climate change. President Biden headlined the closing rally for Newsome, depicting leading Republican Larry Elder is a clone of former President Trump. Keep Gavin Newsom Measure governor or you'll get Donald Trump, meanwhile, already raising questions about voting fraud as he urges his supporters. To get to the polls are turning ballots. The president president Biden says the outcome will have national implications and nearly three and five people agree with the president's covid vaccine mandates uphold from morning consult and political puts that number at 58%. That's how many support companies with at least 100 workers requiring vaccinations or weekly testing. And you've heard about it this morning. A bold statement from Democratic Congresswoman Alexander Acosta Cortez at last night's star studded met gala where she wore a white dress with bright red letters that said. Tax. The rich life for the Bloomberg Interactive Brokers, Studios. Global News 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg. Quick, Take. Yeah, Go Ahead Avenue. It was something she stepped out of the car in the roar. I was like, eight blocks away in your You could hear it, Did you? Your windows shattered? Did they got a full and the best thing was Ben Platt was there from pitch Perfect. I had a full briefing and dinner. So that wasn't a tornado. Then that hit New Jersey. It was islands gone. Alexander Acosta Cortez getting out of the car card. It Question and Billie Eilish took the trophy. Oscar de la Renta issue looked lovely. So anymore said not expect she was going to get into this. Thank you, Amy Morris with our news. In Washington. Look forward to hearing from you, Uh, I'm just glad they had a the Gallow live and in person in there on Fifth Avenue. It's It's a small sign. That was good. And you got Broadway starting back up this week as well, Tom. So, are you going? The last time I talked to you were in the third row for spring. So I was I wanted to Springsteen was, you know a couple months ago, So, Yeah, We're looking forward to getting back out there and we'll see how the you know the ticket sales go up. I'm hearing pretty good things initially, but that's so key for international Travel and just tourism in general, as well as for today with Auckland, New Zealand. In a completely and I mean these folks complete lockdown 1.7 million citizens over 33 new cases. Everyone's doing this their own way. Everyone's doing this their own way and Dr Methodologies coming up. We're going to listen to him, and he's gonna have some interesting comments about lockdowns versus dealing with, you know the vaccines and rapid tests and things like that. I mean, there's two different strategies or multiple strategies. As you said, multiple strategies. What's great about this, folks? The sweetie and I could go together. Over to the Apple store. Yes, by the eight iPhones that we're going to hear about. You know, I phones there's a new watch coming out. Apparently Tom side use the island used to watch That doesn't tell time. I don't know, but it's on Twitter and email, please. I might miss it that I don't even apple watch. I don't know. I don't know. I just I just, You know, my son's got it. And I'm like, Does it even tell time twins have Apple watches? No, no, he shakes his head. No.

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