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Now and there will be no long run for the Tennessee Titans. As their season comes to an end. A game that I don't know if a lot of people expected this large Jackson 16 carries 136 yards. Wow. Yeah, and he went 17 for 24. Throwing the ball. But Derrick Henry 18 rushes for 40 yards a 2.2 average and 20 to 13 the Ravens move on the advance. Yeah, yeah, they uncover And obviously, the 54 was nowhere near So, but they did cover, so that's good. And it was weird to Lamar Jackson runs off the field as soon as the game's over. Well, he was that's always doing all day. Why not run to the locker room too? Yeah, but postgame interviews. You got people to say congratulations to It was interesting. I don't know. He came back out. And I think someone would say Hey, come on. They need you on TV, and they need you. They can't go to lunch rooms anywhere. Get to twitch and see if karma's on You Sure, sure. They're all geeked up. Uh, case you missed it. It'll be common to Falco, Yurko Waddle. They're all going to be in Carmen's garage and they're going to be You'll be able to see them. They'll be analyzing the game. You'll see them on twitch dot TV. Just go to ESPN. 1000 Chicago If you watch the guys during the week or even us Now we're on twitch that TV. And you can see those guys will be breaking it down for you Turn into a like a regular serious, right? I'm sure Karma Garage carbs garage this week. There's he opens the door and also some celebrity shows up at his little bourbon. Why not? A couple tacos. He interviews him in the next week. You know, you never know who's gonna show up as someone else. It's all goes in bourbon with Carmen Defalco. There you go. There you go. The tacos look good. He was making Barbara Kohler. He was firing. Yeah, he puts those pictures out on social media. It's like, couldn't Lord Haven't I? Not a microwave stuff, But this guy, he's got it all going. Well, I did Lucy for New Year's Eve. I did revise and scallops. I didn't realize how easy scallops were now that I know how easy they are to make. I will have them more often. Yeah. No, you know the texture. Some people don't like the texture. I mean, but yeah, and and then I make a lot of eggs a lot of breakfasts. And I put that out usually have Facebook. I don't usually put on my Twitter. Why I got no, it's my new thing. I mean, I like growing. I cannot share real pretty well. You're friar. Right. Okay. You can do anything in an air friar. I mean, it. Z pork roasts. I mean, Upside down stuff. Tacos or loaded tacos. I mean, whatever. I got some chicken wings overhead be thrown in there for the Bears game. Um It's amazing. Okay, now, pressure cooker. Air fire, Okay, I've got a ninja pressure. Hooker that also Brown's Yeah, that's OK. Yeah, OK, but I've never I've never used. It's a monster. It's like the biggest thing I've ever seen in my kitchen. It's exactly bigger than me. Okay, that I've gotta learn, not figure that. I mean, I've got one. That's a countertop. I don't have one. That's so it's on the countertop. But I mean, you can't lift the lid up because if you lifted the lid, you gotta pull it out from the counters. Pull the lift the lid up because it's huge. Yeah, and he's got baskets and all the others. I just here, it's intimidating. I gotta figure it all out. You know what Once Ugo every day you'll be doing. What's that about? What's the best thing to put in it the first time First thing I did was chicken breast look easy. Yeah. Yeah, well, the cookbook has 12 or three dots on the recipe. Okay, One is the simplest and threes. Most challenging and they're not all that challenging. If you just don't know how to read. Well, you'll be OK. I did go to school in Cicero, but I do know how to read so quickly. Let's get to it. Let's get to our not our bold prediction. But how the polls did, um, You got those? Eric? Yeah, I got him here. Okay, So the first thing we put up was heading into today's game, which is very close. Now. What do you trust more? The bears? Who do you trust more on the bears their offense or their defense? Actually very tight. 55% of the voters said. They trust the offense more than defense. That's funny. That's exactly the number that was in the Sun Times in the Sun Times poll earlier this week. I think that speaks to the half loaf you got. Or less of each unit during this season, right? Sure, probably probably. What's the next one with Runcorn Smith out which Bears defenseman must start today? Let's see. We'll start with the bottom, his replacement Woods and anyway and him 6% Robert Quinn got 16% Akeem Higgs with only 17%, which is weird that it's only 1% higher than Ryan. And then Khalil Mack. One was 60%. Okay, so we need to see Khalil Mack number 50 to make some things happen. Not the ball away. Create a fumble. Do something forced fumble. Whatever. That would be nice to see and the last one the saints over under for their points to score is 30. How many points most bears hold them in order to win?.

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