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Unfortunately Black men was able to Make his way out of the ring and was out and if he was checked out by medical personnel but he was he was background the rest of the night some thankfully he wasn't Injured the next match was match So bash brothers versus metre brothers was unannounced match. The next match was one those part of the reason. I drove almost two and a half hours to augusta georgia And that's the thing i've said this. All this was a show on paper. I drove two and a half hours for. I was excited for the show. So you had. This was intriguing. You had you had the multi time winner of the georgia female performer of the year. Dating jordan take on. They've multi time winner of the carolinas professional wrestling words. female the year Savannah et you. Also very intriguing. That did some data do some research on this. So dany jordan came in as a women's i w e women's champion. She won that championship in a match. January twenty twenty against salon. Joe royle that championship had been held up as an amber nova won a women's tournament. They had which was a big deal because it was the first women's tournament probably in the south in a long time especially for tidal outside of a women's promotion so ember dove who won that championship and then at some point was unable to defend it. and so dana jordan was able to win that championship. I don't i mean. Obviously there was a pandemic. I don't know if there were ever any title defenses. And then at the last february show savannah evans headed had won the megan championship. So this was a very back and forth match gainey jordan using her aggressiveness..

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